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Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers): Question

Phone Call: Rick Alexander transferred her VM to me. She called yesterday because there is currently a lot of work being done at 1st and Morton and she's hoping the storm drainage issue can be addressed. There are two storm drains in the area but neither are in the lowest spots so every time it rains, they have huge water issues. She works in the bldg at 1st and Morton.

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Jane Fleig
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Storm Inlet


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I told the constituent that we will clean the inlets but really a long term project is necessary to completely alleviate the issue.

5/21/2015 15:36:53 Jane Fleig followed up on this ticket

I spoke to Ms Weise and explained the Street Dept is replacing curb ramps at this location for ADA compliance and that unfortunately, we are not able to make storm improvements at this time. But I did tell her we have a long range plan to get the downstream storm infrastructure in place to help this problem. But we have to cross College Ave first (this year) and then extend west on 1st as funds are available. I also told her I put in a work order for T&D to vactor the existing inlets because they are sedimented in.

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701-799 South Morton Street


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