City of Bloomington, Indiana – John Hamilton, Mayor

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Drainage or Runoff:

Other: Please indicate if you have any current or archived records pertaining to current or historic septic tank systems, monitoring wells, drinking water wells, underground or aboveground storage tanks, hazardous waste storage or disposal, or any other records of environmental significance. Thank you.


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I called Angelo back to relay the information that the Monroe County Health Department would be the right place to inquire about this information, per Marilyn's response.

6/4/2015 14:13:51 Anonymous assigned this case to Anonymous

Charles, HAND does not handle any of those records. I would refer whoever made this request to you to the Monroe County Health Department

6/4/2015 13:05:12 Anonymous assigned this case to Anonymous

Hi Marilyn, I'm not sure who is the best person to handle this request for information. Would you please re-assign it if HAND is not the right department? Thank you!

6/4/2015 12:58:13 Anonymous assigned this case to Anonymous

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