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Drainage or Runoff:

Other: Why is water pouring out if the front yard of 2216 sweetbriar circle?? This is a nearly constant occurrence and is degrading the street

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Phil Peden


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This is more than likely a sump pump and with all the recent rains it is pumping a lot. There are no inlets for this piping to tie into directly so it must outlet on the surface. Preferably further from the sidewalk but this is a small lot and all the other sides are uphill.

7/15/2015 07:39:55 Phil Peden inspected this Location

Sent an inspector down to test the water for chlorine as there were possibly two sources for the water. Came back negative for chlorine.

7/14/2015 07:39:07 Phil Peden inspected this Location

I visited the site and found water coming from a pipe in the front of the house near the sidewalk with a constant flow of water. It had not rained recently and there was no standing water around any other part of the house. All downspouts outlet on the surface so the pipe must be to a sump pump in the crawlspace/basement.

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Phil, I'm reassigning this issue to you.

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