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Drainage or Runoff: Complaint

Phone Call: She called Roy Aten first and he forwarded it to me. She is concerned about water ponding in her drive and out into the street since the City put the curb in on Winfield.

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Jane Fleig


12/1/2015 15:33:21 Closed by Jane Fleig

We cleaned the area north of her drive so runoff should flow better.

12/1/2015 15:32:38 Jane Fleig followed up on this ticket

I asked Tony to clean the area north of her drive to see if water would drain better. He said he did that last week.

11/18/2015 15:50:57 Jane Fleig inspected this Location

I met with Ms Jaffe and she showed me where the water ponds not only in her drive but out into the road. This has only happened since the curb was installed. Unfortunately CBU did not place the curb, Street Dept did, but this is now the second drainage/ponding complaint I have received because of the new curb. I told her I would see if we could clear out some of the grass/gravel mound that has built up at the north side of her drive to see if we can get the water draining away. If that doesn't work, we may have to do more extensive storm sewer work to correct the problem.

11/18/2015 15:47:29 Jane Fleig assigned this case to Jane Fleig

11/18/2015 15:47:29 Opened by Jane Fleig

1322 S Winfield RD


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