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Other: The guard rail at Wingslow and Hinderson is in need of repair or replacement. If someone rear ended my little Miata into that corner I'd either go under into the water or just get decapitated. Please fix this s soon.

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Andrew Cibor


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3/5/2016 17:45:48 Closed by Andrew Cibor

Verified concern and coordinating action with Street Department

3/5/2016 17:45:06 Andrew Cibor followed up on this ticket

Sent email to Street Department identifying the damage and to coordinate an action plan. Sent the following email response to Mr. Kerr: "Thank you for bringing the guard rail damage at the intersection of Winslow and Henderson to our attention. I am coordinating with the City's Street Department to see what we can do to address the situation."

3/4/2016 17:44:15 Andrew Cibor followed up on this ticket

Visited the location to inventory the conditions.

2/16/2016 14:34:09 Danna Workman assigned this case to Andrew Cibor

2/16/2016 14:30:50 Adam Wason assigned this case to Danna Workman

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Do you want to take care of this or Street?

2/15/2016 11:26:23 Christina Smith assigned this case to Danna Workman

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2/15/2016 10:27:37 Opened by Anonymous

S Henderson St


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