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Drainage or Runoff:

Other: Drainage issue behind my house (2201 E. Autumn Drive). Rain water goes to the Jackson Creek but since last year the pipe has been damaged and now huge area has been damaged by the rain water. Big huge trees are falling (another one about to fall) because the rain is sweeping all the soil and roots have been exposed. Please have someone visit the site ASAP.

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Kathleen Powell


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The customer should have entered the location as 2201 E Autumn. CBU engineer Jane Fleig determined that this was private. I called the customer and left a voice message with Jane Fleigs name and phone number in case she had any questions.

4/19/2016 09:40:51 Nancy Axsom assigned this case to Kathleen Powell

Kathy, I'm reassigning this to you.

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1960 S Walnut ST


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