City of Bloomington, Indiana – John Hamilton, Mayor

closed: Resolved #154991

Unsafe Buildings:

Other: Rat infested, no water, no electricity, trash in the house, front porch, back of house, trash filled shed next to house. This is a drug house. There is no one living in the home that has legal right. House is located at 1100 W 10th Street, Bloomington, IN 47404

Most tickets of this type should be closed within 9 days, although some cases may be longer. 24 days have already passed.


9/14/2016 13:06:58 Closed by Anonymous

This case will continue to be monitored, but we did not move to abate because the tenants had cleaned up a lot of the property.

8/20/2016 16:11:28 Anonymous assigned this case to Anonymous

8/20/2016 16:11:28 Opened by Anonymous