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Other: Someone has been leaving cat food outside in a Common Area at 3200 John Hinkle Pl, zip code 47408. I have complained to Tempo Properties, the property management company, but little has been done to address this issue and the problem is still ongoing. At first, there was a bowl of food and water left outside in the common area to feed a cat. It appears Tempo Properties, or someone else,removed these, which then prompted the owner of the cat to simply dump a pile of cat food onto the carpet. This food in turn attracts many ants, bugs, and other animals and is very unsightly. I would like to note as well that each individual unit in the building has its own deck where an occupant or tenant could reasonably place a bowl of food and water for their pet without infringing on the Common Areas. Further, the Crescent Park Homeowners Assoc policies specifically prohibit keeping pets in any of the Common Areas. Despite these complaints, again, Tempo Properties has done nothing else to address the issue. I have many photos of the cat food, some of which I will attach to this complaint form. I would be happy to provide more photographs if needed.

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Requires a rental complaint form to process. I emailed the form and will schedule the inspection when we receive the form.

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