City of Bloomington, Indiana – John Hamilton, Mayor

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Email: Harold Evans e-mailed the department: this morning I read about one of your program offers in our local newspaper. Since I'm interested in water distribution in our city, I thought this tour of the many historical water sources in Bloomington could be worthwhile. The article directs us to sign up for this tour at our city website. There is no mention anywhere on that site about this particular event and many attempts to search for it were fruitless. I then contacted someone in your department by phone who didn't know anything about the event either. It seems to me that the signup process for events like this is so difficult that I really don't see how a sufficient number of people would ever be able to register in order to make the tour happen. If this is how you run your activity offers, I can see why you might look good to the city managers, but in fact, not be doing anything worthwhile at all. The way you are running your department, Mr. Renneisen, is a joke. It looks like this is another example of how our tax money is wasted on worthless politicians. Have a good and QUIET day. Dr. Harold F. Evans 812-330-1550.


8/19/2011 17:41:58 Anonymous contacted Anonymous

Mr. Evans was contacted via e-mail: I'm sorry that you had difficulty finding the information you were trying to locate on the City website. There was a short blurb in the newspaper about the "reservoir tour" that directed readers to bloomington.in.gov, not the specific web page or Parks and Recreation site. The newspaper article did not provide all the information in the article that would have given you a more direct link to find the information.