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Phone Call: The sidewalks on the south side of E. Third Street from High Street to Woodscrest Drive have mud on them and need to be cleaned off. These sidewalks run along St. Charles Church property. They have mud on them after each rain. Who is responsible to clean the walks and is there some type of run off problem.


3/3/1999 05:00:00 Closed by Anonymous

3/3/1999 05:00:00 Anonymous inspected this Location

Silt and road gravel built up one sections of sidewalk. Sent letters to First Baptist Church and St. Charles Catholic Church in April requesting that the sidewalks be cleaned of debris. Spoke to Father Charles Chesebrough about the drainage problem from Third Street that caused ponding in the sidewalk and leaves mud behind. CBU cleaned the storm sewer on 6/09/1999. Inspection of drainage during a rain event showed water draining off of 3rd St. onto sidewalk through the church's west drive.

3/3/1999 05:00:00 Opened by Anonymous

2222 E 3rd ST


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