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Parks & Playgrounds

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There is a dead deer in Bryan Park, near the baseball diamond by the pool.

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Parks & Rec Buildings

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Blocked Street

3712–3780 E Moores Pike

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Sidewalk on the south side of the street is covered over with vines. there seems to be a sidewalk all the way from all Olcott street Heading east past Regent Circle but it is completely covered with vines other vegetation.

closed #135570

Biking & Walking

2563 E 8th ST

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1000 S Henderson ST

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Tree down on Bryan Park trail neR bathroom.

closed #135177

Street Lights

100–198 N College Ave

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Globe about to fall off!! In front of Darn Good Soup.

closed #134814

Traffic Signals

1500–1560 S Sare Rd

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My 785 pound motorcycle has never been able to trigger the left turn signal when turning left from Sare Road onto Moore's Pike. I've tried different positions within the left turn lane and nothing triggers the left turn signal.

closed #134724

Website & Web Services Feedback

Indiana University, Bloomington

Case Date:

A section of fiber is missing. We think Rick Dietz has it.

closed #134722

Traffic Signals

Indiana University, Bloomington

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Traffic signals northbound on Henderson at Atwater and 3rd st are badly out of sync. It's a busy commuting corridor. Thanks.

closed #134332

Sidewalk & Curb Complaints

300 E Park Ridge Road

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Neighbor has a new asphalt "ramp"to driveway blocking water runoff. I definitely understand the need for the ramp. However,could there be a way to open up a small channel through it? This photo of the standing water was taken on Sunday - 48 hours after the last rain. There was already a tendency for debris and muck to accumulate there before this. Thanks for any help.