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closed #186528

Excessive Growth

3619 E Morningside DR

Case Date:

There is bamboo growing at this property. It is spreading to 3614 E Longview.

closed #185416

Street Trees

1628 S Troy CT

Case Date:

Street tree appears to be dead.

closed #182815


1001 W 6th ST

Case Date:

See Case #179268. These folks continue to throw a lot of trash in their yard.

closed #181985

Excessive Growth

1919 N Kinser PIKE

Case Date:

Large stand of bamboo located along Parrish Rd across from Kroger entrance.

closed #181788



Case Date:

Garbage guys are starting to leave cans in the road. This blocks alleys and parking spaces. This is not just one week or one incident. It is becoming the norm for some of the cans. It can’t be that much trouble to put them back where they were. This is a fairly recent problem at this scale of incidents. I have to get out of my vehicle to enter some of the alleys in my neighborhood. This is Fairview 300 block but it is all over the area. A simple word will probably solve this.

closed #181416


Case Date:

Resident lives at 515 1/2 Fess. States there is a white truck/van that parks in and completely blocks the alley.

closed #181108

Scooters, Bike-share and Related Issues

3441 N Kingsley DR

Case Date:

Bird Scooter was dumped in front yard by mailbox

closed #180975

Excessive Growth

2600 S Southern Pines CT

Case Date:

Bamboo in the back yard at 2600 S. Southern Pines Ct.

closed #180650

Street & Traffic Signs

Case Date:

Resident call in: The street sign on the corner of E Jamie Lane and Benson Court is completely bent. Can we get a replacement sign please?

open #180038

Drainage or Runoff

3515 E Park LN

Case Date:

I have a problem on my property with drainage. The drainage of my property runs off naturally into my neighbor's yard. His address is 3514 Morningside Drive. When a storm comes, his back yard pools and remains there for a few days until it is absorbed into the ground. I discussed with one of the neighbors how this might be resolved and volunteered to help pay for pipes that would carry the water that pools in their yard to the ditch along Morningside Drive. The neighbor didn't think that would work. Now they have dug out a deeper hole in their yard and are installing a "Sponge Garden." My understanding is that this will retain water and will not allow my yard to drain. This area has backed up into my basement in the past and flooded it. It seems to me that this will occur more easily with the installment of the "Sponge Garden." I appeal to the city of Bloomington to send engineers to come and see if there is some way that water can be drained into the ditch along Morningside Drive.