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Concerned about stores leaving, like book stores, k-mart, sears. What are we doing to address this?

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Potholes, Other Street Repair

2780 S Walnut Street PIKE

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There is a long stretch of road where one side of traffic has been closed/blocked off for some time at E Winslow Rd & S Old State Rd 37. A resident called stating that she went to the street department, who told her to go to P&T, who told her to go to the county, who told her to go to the city. Asking about this stretch of road and when it will be reopened.

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Traffic Suggestions

107 W Pinewood DR

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There are a lot of kids in the area that are playing in the street, but there are no signs indicating that they are out there. He said that there are many issues with people speeding down the road and his children have had close calls with vehicles. They are asking for kid or speed warning signs to be placed on this street to mitigate the traffic.

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Sewer Problems (Sanitary Sewers)

2501 S Cooperative WAY

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Sheila McGlothlin received a call from Mr Haney on Feb 6th advising "they have had a large plastic green pipe sticking out of their ground at an angle for about the past year. He was wondering the status of this pipe and what if anything will be done with it?"

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Dear Mayor's office, I have two issues I would like to bring to your attention and ask about: First, are you aware of BPD's decision to fly black flags from police patrol cars, and did you approve this? I join members of BPD and the wider community in mourning the loss of life in Dallas this past week, but I also believe that allowing the BPD to choose this type of public display on vehicles that are tax-payer funded, is improper. Can I request that these publicly owned vehicles fly black flags when coal miners are killed on the job, or when police take the life of unarmed citizens? Second, my partner and I were enjoying a swim at Bryan Park pool on Sunday, when we noticed an individual openly carrying a hand gun poolside, and standing very prominently while pacing the area. We immediately left the pool and did not directly confront the individual because of uncertainty over the law. Why is this allowed? My reading of Indiana open carry law is that municipalities are allowed to ban open carry on property they control or administer. Is this not the case? I wish to make clear that we enjoy the pool system and are grateful to the city for providing, and appreciate the work of our police force, as well. We look forward to hearing from you. Keep up the great work. Thanks, Joseph Varga 817 S High St Bloomington 347-415-1574

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Good afternoon, My name is Candi and I am the Maintenance Coordinator for a Real Estate Management Company in Bloomington. I have had problems with illegal dumping in several of our apartment complexes. When I call the Bloomington Police Department for illegal dumping, they send me to the HAND Department. When calling HAND, I get the answer of the affidavit that is attached below. On this affidavit, it states the owner of the property must sign, have notarized and returned to HAND with a document from the illegal dumping site that has a valid name and address of the person who is illegally dumping to show proof. Now, we have several owners that live outside the continental USA, along with owners in various states and owners that live in Indiana but are outside of the Monroe County area. If I send this affidavit to the owner to have signed and then notarized and the issue is taken to court and they have to be present for this court date: the owner will be held responsible for false information. Since the owner is out of State, Country or County, they will not be the person who witnesses the event of the illegal dumping. So how is this form going to stop the illegal dumping, if the owner cannot always be present to witness it? As the Management Company, having signed registration forms from the owners and giving to the HAND Department for their files, we should be able to do our jobs and report illegal dumping and it be taken care of. Please Help, Thanks, Candi

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Dear Mayor Hamilton, While driving on South Walnut today, I was directly behind a black and white car which obviously had been a police car. It still had the extra side mirrors as equipment and a police decal on the lower left panel. This sighting prompted me to write to you. I would like to inquire what the policy is for the City of Bloomington patrol cars which are auctioned. Are they stripped of any exterior equipment before they are sold? With crimes against the public, particularly women, involving individuals impersonating police officers, I would hope removing any visible signs which might confuse or falsely indicate these cars are police cars is a mandatory procedure taken prior to auction. Thank you for your attention to my concern.

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Animal Control & Neglected Pets

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John Arnold, President of the Gentry Estates Neighborhood stopped by to follow up on a dog bite incident in the neighborhood. The incident took place on June 21. Specifically, he inquired about the quarantine process and what that entailed.

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Website & Web Services Feedback

401 N Morton ST

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Upon talking, we realized there were two similar, but not identical issues, so we created a new ticket for the related issue.

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Drainage or Runoff

2316 E Linden Hill DR

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Ms Hammond left a voice message on 4/18/16 saying she has problems with storm sewer runoff in her backyard that has gotten much worse this year. She didn't know if the city could help because the storm sewer comes off The Stands Dr with a culvert that ends right in her back yard.