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Animal Control & Neglected Pets

1001 W RCA Park DR

Case Date:

My neighbor might be running a dog business out of her (i think its a girl but idk) house and its making the neighborhood dangerous. Dogs are barking all of the time. Sometimes dogs sound like they’re fighting and she yells at them. She has wolf dogs that escape her backyard all of the time. I’m scared to let my kids play in our backyard because it isn’t fenced and she doesn’t have control over the dogs. People are always dropping off and picking up dogs from her house so idk if the dogs are even hers. Please help. We live near RCA park and I cant even let my kids walk to the park because im scared theyll get bitten. Supposed to be a quiet family neighborhood but now I want to move so my kids can be safe. Idk her name but I got her address. 1001 w rca park dr

closed #185521

Street Trees

2025 S Bernard DR

Case Date:

My neighbor requested for me to submit a ticket on his behalf: Tree limbs are hanging low along RCA Park Dr. Could you please consider trimming them back? Thank you!

closed #184928

Parks & Rec Buildings

1005 W RCA Park DR

Case Date:

IU students are returning which will put even more pressure on the RCA pickleball courts. There are six permanent courts there (one with broken net) The Bloomington Pickleball Club has offered to put temporary lines on the tennis courts to add 6 more courts. There are a number of temp chalk and paint products out there that will do the trick short term. The lines will not affect the ability to play tennis (though no one really plays tennis here) The BPC has temp nets we can put out at least on weekends to help with the crowds. I suggest the city also adopt some court rules for how the courts get shared when there is a large crowd. Let’s get ahead of this before it becomes a bigger problem in a few weeks!

closed #182513

Street Lights

921 W Cardinal CT

Case Date:

The city streetlight in the culdesac outside our driveway is burnt out and needs replaced.

closed #182120

Sidewalk & Curb Complaints

851 W RCA Park DR

Case Date:

Tree roots are pushing up this sidewalk. It's significantly raised -- about a finger's length. Any chance to shave it down so that it's not as much of a hazard? The other side of the street has a similar problem, though to a lesser degree.

closed #181732

Drainage or Runoff

904 W RCA Park DR

Case Date:

1 year after my yard was flooded with mud, this retention hole behind my house is still unfinished and full of weeds! Recently in July they dug up pipes they had installed, and they are still lying there.... who is responsible for finally finishing this mess and mowing the weeds down? I dread another heavy rain and my yard filling with mud again... Please have the people who are responsible finish construction of this area and maintain it properly! Thanks , Dave Reid 812-363-3049

closed #181594

Potholes, Other Street Repair

2110 S Harmony PL

Case Date:

Deep pothole - lane direction going toward the park

closed #181544

Potholes, Other Street Repair

2110 S Harmony PL

Case Date:

Pothole at the intersection Harmony Place. Also, a lot of debris entering Harmony Place from runoff of Habitat build since it started.

closed #181047

Parking Permits

904 W RCA Park DR

Case Date:

2 Broken down vehicles parked on street with expired license plates on the corner of RCA Park Drive and Bernard St.... one is a van and the other is a Toyota... they have been there for quite some time and should be towed away

closed #180828

Excessive Growth

917 W Cardinal CT

Case Date:

Excessive growth in back lot behind the property, abutting our property. Owners have only mowed once this year. You will have to walk behind the property to view the area that has not been kept up.