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closed #185632

Parks & Playgrounds

1100 S Fess AVE

Case Date:

One toilet (the non-handicap stall) in the women’s bathroom at Bryan Park is continuously flushing. Bumping the handle was not enough to un jam it.

open #185627

Parking on Unimproved Surface

521 E Grimes LN

Case Date:

Numerous junk vehicles at this location that meet the city code description of "abandoned" City code 15.04.020 section 6 - vehicles more than three years old that have not moved for 20 days that are in public view. They are not even registered! 2 of these vehicles are parked on unimproved surfaces - also this property is a junk yard.

open #185576

Biking & Walking

923 S Walnut ST

Case Date:

To Whom It May Concern, this is more of a recommendation than an problem. The pedestrian/bike crossing light on Allen St across Walnut is generally pretty good. Currently, there is a button to activate the lights on the sidewalks and wanted to suggest installing an additional button curbside for bikers. As it's currently constructed the median has two cut-outs so bicyclists can stay in the road (which is where we should be), but activating the light requires we ride up on the sidewalk. Most bikers, myself included, just keep an eye on the road to cross once traffic passes rather than hop the curb to activate the crossing light. The problem arises when a driver decides to yield; it's a nice gesture, but with two lanes of traffic in both directions it isn't safe to cross unless drivers in both lanes decide to yield and it's difficult to see over the stopped car to make sure the second lane is clear. I tend to wave the driver who has yielded to indicate they should just keep going, Bloomington drivers being Bloomington drivers they defer to being polite. A button positioned for bicyclists would make it clearer to both drivers and cyclists when it is safe to cross. This crossing point gets a fair amount of pedestrian and cycle traffic, but I don't think it is enough for a button to disrupt car flow on Walnut.

closed #185447


1315 S Lincoln ST

Case Date:

There is a green graffiti tag on the yellow curb in front of 1315 S Lincoln.

closed #185222

Abandoned Vehicle

109 E Wylie ST

Case Date:

There is an abandoned car on Wylie & Walnut that broken rear window and no plates.

closed #185099

Water Utility Problems

1312 S Lincoln ST

Case Date:

My water utility bill has been paid and I still have yet to get my water cut on. It’s been two days now. Me and my roommates are in school and we are in need of washing ourselves and our clothes. Please make this an urgent matter. With kindness, AG

closed #185095

Blocked Sidewalk

1214 S Washington ST

Case Date:

sidewalk hard to walk down, tree encroachment

closed #185074

Excessive Growth

1013 S Grant ST

Case Date:

yard overgrown

closed #184976

Parks & Playgrounds

1000 S Henderson ST

Case Date:

While visiting Bryan Park on 8/9, I observed mowing with a gas engine lawn mower of grass already at a very low height. Greenhouse gas emissions are a concern from unnecessary mowing, and the area being mowed was very large. For a city with a sustainability office, one would expect either the use of electric lawn equipment and/or mowing only when necessary. Please consider training staff to mow using environmentally friendly practices.

closed #184837

Street & Traffic Signs

901 S Grant ST

Case Date:

Downed street sign post that needs to be picked up.