City of Bloomington, Indiana – John Hamilton, Mayor


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closed #185806


4657 W Sunset AVE

Case Date:

Our recycling bin is missing one of its wheels. It went missing after a pickup and has been very inconvenient to use since.

closed #185251

Abandoned Vehicle

508 S Harvey DR

Case Date:

For several months, there have been 2 vehicles parked in the street at 508 Harvey Dr., one has no tags the other has 2019 tags. If I read the code properly, this is a violation and should have been resolved long before now. There is also a vehicle parked in the driveway with multiple flat tires that I am suspicious of as also not being properly plated which should also be a violation if it is not. A separate issue is, the address also has a refrigerator and a chest freezer stored outside. Is this also a safety hazard and provides an opportunity for child entrapment? Thank you.

closed #184626


429 s village court Bloomington in 47403

Case Date:

Trash is in between fences at back of property. We have permission from the homeowner at 430 S. Westwood to go onto her property and look. They are throwing pet waste over fence into easement.

closed #183945

Animal Control & Neglected Pets

859 S Harvey DR

Case Date:

There is a hornets nest near the path through the trees. Many people including kids have been stung by them. The chase people off the trail.

closed #183504

Potholes, Other Street Repair

504 S Village CT

Case Date:

the road is falling apart at the sides, where there is over a foot of crumbling asphalt

closed #182998

Yard Waste

501 S Village CT

Case Date:

The occupants of 501 S Village Court use the easement behind the unit to dump dog waste and bagged trash. While it is out of site for them, it is within plain view and smell of my property at 430 S Westwood Drive. I spent hours this past weekend cleaning up their trash in the easement but refuse to handle to dog waste. And while you are on Village Court, please notice all the violations of trash and waste. This entire cul-de-sac is a festering open wound on what otherwise would be a wonderful neighborhood. Please advise on what can be done to clean up this entire blight on the Highland Village area.

closed #182845

Street Lights

741 S Park Square DR

Case Date:

Street light out.

closed #182812

Street Lights

741 S Park Square DR

Case Date:

Hello! Our street light is not working. Without the street light it’s very dark

closed #182461

Unsafe Buildings

408 S Harvey DR APT 6

Case Date:

Bedbugs in location. Apartment-wide issue. Please involve health department.

closed #181686

Potholes, Other Street Repair

430 S Village CT

Case Date:

curbs and streets are in need of repair. curbs have at least 2 foot fall that needs addressed ASAP numerous complaints from the residents this issue is posing a serious risk to people in the neighborhood.