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closed #187201

Abandoned Vehicle

530 N Plymouth RD

Case Date:

In regard to case 187200 - the address is not 522. The correct address is 530 N Plymouth Road.

open #187200

Abandoned Vehicle

522 N Plymouth RD

Case Date:

I think the house is 522. You will know it when you see it. There are two vehicles parked in the street. One is a silver Honda van. The other is a gold Altima. Both have flat or almost flat tires. The Altima has been there for a year or more. The Honda van has been there maybe a month. They have too many cars for a single family and we on Plymouth are tired of the sight and having to drive around two "abandoned" vehicles. Thank you for your help with this matter.

closed #186861

Street Lights

4512 E Cambridge Court, Bloomington, IN 47408, USA

Case Date:

The street light directly across from 4512 E. Cambridge Court is out.

closed #186781


4325 E Weymouth LN

Case Date:

Last week lid on trash bin had 1 hinge broken by the trash pickup process. Will the city replace the bin? Thank you.

closed #186765

Leaf Collection

401 N Sheffield DR

Case Date:

Leaves from other properties wash down the hill and covering the sewer drain at the bottom, blocking the path for runoff to enter the drain. A crew had recently come to take care of the blockage, but only removed some of the leaves and poked holes in the remaining pile covering the drain. With a big rainstorm coming soon, and this being a flood-prone area, its unlikely this doesn't result in serious flooding

open #186556

Sewer Problems (Sanitary Sewers)

164 N Park Ridge RD

Case Date:

There is water that smells like sewage bubbling up out of the drainage pipes. I've seen it literally bubbling up as if under pressure so I believe it comes from some kind of underground pipe but I can't be sure. The area is always wet as a result and smells.

closed #186472

Water Utility Problems

4219 E Sheffield DR

Case Date:

On the corner of Cabot Ct. and Sheffield there is some type of water seeping into the road from the corner of the street near a stop sign. Seems like a broken water line.

closed #186372

Potholes, Other Street Repair

4325 E Weymouth LN

Case Date:

Weymouth Lane is in poor condition with potholes and cracks. When does the city plan to repave Weymouth? Thank you.

closed #185728

Request a new Street Light

4519 E Blackstone CT

Case Date:

The street light at the corner of Park Ridge Rd and Blackstone Ct. is not lighting at night.

closed #185196

Potholes, Other Street Repair

4232 E Penn CT

Case Date:

Penn Court in Park Ridge East needs resurfacing. The road is falling apart and there are several potholes including one very large one in the cul-de-sac.