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open #180395

Sidewalk & Curb Complaints

3875 S Laurel CT

Case Date:

AT&T cut the sidewalk on the corner of Heather and Laurel. I believe the underground work has been completed but no sign of repair. Many older people and some disabled walk there. This is causing a danger.

closed #180097

Wildlife Conflict

720 E Pepperridge DR

Case Date:

Running loose, always!

closed #178475


600 E Heather DR

Case Date:

Recycle Bin not emptied!

closed #178377


3713 S Grasstree CT

Case Date:

After trash pickup today the dumpster had a large glob of what looked like black grease on it. The dumpster needs to be replaced.

closed #176660

Street Lights

3716 S Grasstree CT

Case Date:

Street light near mailboxes has been out for months. Duke Energy service?

closed #175765

Abandoned Vehicle

678 E Heather DR

Case Date:

A handicap van is permanently parked in front of 678 E. Heather Drive. The lady died who needed this van and her son has not driven it all winter. It is parked on a curve and does impede vision for drivers especially at night. Parking is allowed on the street but I assume it is not meant to be a garage. The condo has a two car garage and a wide drive way so I see no reason for this vehicle to be on the street. Can someone check this out please. Thank you.

closed #175465


3910 S Laurel CT

Case Date:

My recycling has been picked up. My trash has not. I understand this could be due to staff shortages. I live in a cul-de-sac just wanted to be sure that the delay is due to staff shortages and not due to me living is a cul-de-sac

closed #175016


3910 S Laurel CT

Case Date:

Recycling not picked up last week. Please reference previous open ticket 174965

closed #174965

Website & Web Services Feedback

3910 S Laurel CT

Case Date:

I understood about the cancelation of services last week due to the weather. Today my trash was picked up but not the recycling. I do live on a cul-de-sac in Peppergrass, but I did not see anyone else's recyle containers left out. I left for work before things were picked and got home just a little while ago. Now I have two weeks worth of recycling in my container. Can anything be done about this before next Thursday. I did put my container back in the garage. Please let me know when I can put it back out for pick up

open #174628

Sidewalk Requests

653 E Heather DR

Case Date:

Water ponding after rain. People walk on street or grass to avoid water ponding. One family had a stroller and had to go onto street to negotiate sidewalks filled with water.