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closed #186104

Street Lights

724 E Thornton DR

Case Date:

All street lights from Henderson on Thornton Dr. are not working. Very dark!!!

closed #185493

Parking on Unimproved Surface

644 E Moody DR

Case Date:

Two cars parked on grass.

closed #185416

Street Trees

1628 S Troy CT

Case Date:

Street tree appears to be dead.

closed #183742

Excessive Growth

607 E Moody DR

Case Date:

lawn needs mowing

closed #183123

Street Lights

1627 S Troy CT

Case Date:

Hi, The street light in the cul-de-sac by my property has not been working. Please let me know if you can help.

closed #182825


1700 S Buffstone CT

Case Date:

Trash can went missing last Monday 2/6/2022. We have not received any notification about from the city and don't know if the trashcan was stolen or removed by the city. Please advise.

closed #182436


608 E Moody DR

Case Date:

There is construction going on behind me, on the corner of Miller Drive and S. Henderson. Last week and again today there are awful vibrations coming from that site. These vibrations literally make me sick. This is a deep low vibration and it comes from a piece of equipment that looks like a steam roller. The driver goes back and forth and back and forth over the property pretty much constantly. I'm wondering how much longer this is going to be going on. There is occasionally a break from it but it's mostly steady all day. I actually have to leave my house when it starts up (early in the morning) and stay away all day. I hope someone can advise me how much longer this is going to be going on.

closed #182402


1771 S Henderson ST

Case Date:

trash all over yard and neighborhood

closed #182387


1771 S Henderson ST

Case Date:

Unsecured trash placed for pickup, blowing about neighborhood, placed out in way that can not be picked up by Sanitation.

closed #181556


1771 S Henderson ST

Case Date:

Tenant or homeowner has left garbage/refuse by side of the road. Some of the material is bagged, some of it is loose. None of it is in an appropriate receptacle. Some of the debris has spilled over onto the multi-use trail, creating a potential obstacle and/or tripping hazard for pedestrians/cyclists/runners/disabled individuals. Garbage/refuse has been there since at least Saturday morning, 09/17/2022.