City of Bloomington, Indiana – John Hamilton, Mayor


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City Construction Projects

317 S Rogers ST

Case Date:

I let you know there duke engery doing road work 321 N Rogers St Bloomington, IN 47404 United States

closed #186379

Blocked Sidewalk

618 W Howe ST

Case Date:

Van blocking sidewalk

closed #186237


623 W Smith AVE

Case Date:

Hello, Barry, wanted to let you know that Kayla Drake used my name and disguised herself as ISP stole all that money paid to torment me all night and it’s my understanding both of my children were hurt possibly gravely and still no arrest.

closed #186139

Parking Meters and Citations

304 S Madison ST

Case Date:

White car Parked on the yellow line in front of driveway. Blocking driveway.

closed #186025

Debris Removal

308 W 4th ST

Case Date:

I found a needle underneath a bench on the b-line this morning when I was opening the WonderLab garden gates. This happens every few months. Would it be possible to get a sharps container on the b-line? Or could the city help WonderLab get a sharps container? It is not on our property, but the presence of sharps could directly impact our visitors.

closed #185859


702 W 4th ST

Case Date:

Trash has been left unattended for months at this address. It was placed on curb for pickup this morning (after months left up against side of house), but sanitation workers did not take it — maybe because there was too much of it but it is a nuisance and a hazard at this point.

closed #185773

Debris Removal

334 S Jackson ST

Case Date:

Our recycling did not get picked up along with at least one other can on Jackson Street. Also this is the can that did get picked up blocking the alley next to my house where I park. I have observed trash pick up on Jackson Street for about 40 years. The cans were always put back where they were left for 39 years. But this year the cans are left in the street, blocking alleys and thrown down where they land. This in not considerate and it not how the trash has been handled in the past. It is not acceptable service. I have complained to Adam Wason to no avail. I really do not think this is too much to ask. The other end of the alley was also blocked by a trash can sitting right in the middle and people park on the alleys and use them for transportation. At least we can drive around the cans that are left in Jackson Street but the morning after trash day, it looks like a tornado has gone through and scattered cans everywhere. Is this what we should expect and accept from our city services these days? I hate to complain and I was waiting for this to get better but it has not improved at all.... Chris Sturbaum

open #185677

Blocked Sidewalk

612 W Howe ST

Case Date:

Bushes are overgrowing and blocking most of the sidewalk

closed #185586

Excessive Growth

926 W 2nd ST

Case Date:

yard overgrown, mosquitoes rampant, weeds over 2 feet high

closed #185583

Traffic Related Complaints

338 S Fairview ST

Case Date:

Abandoned vehicle for more than 2 weeks. Gray truck parked on the street. Doesn't belong to the neighbors. Has been here long enough to have spider webs on it now.