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closed #180387

Blocked Street

620 W Howe ST

Case Date:

A White Mercedes was abandoned parked on the street front of the house for more than 2 now's. I called a few months ago to report and have it removed. Unfortunately there’s no follow up. The car is still there. It is a great inconvenience for me since we can not use the parking spot in front of the property, and I suspect someone may be using it to store things or sleep. I appreciate your prompt response.

open #180345

Accessibility Problem

717 W 4th ST

Case Date:

Bush blocking entire walkway. Also blocks ability for drivers pulling out of the alley to see people approaching the alley. Nearly got hit by homeowner from across alley from 717.

open #180341

Yard Waste

224 S Maple ST

Case Date:

Trash and vehicles all over backyard

closed #180316

Line of Sight

341 S Buckner ST

Case Date:

The vegetation along Smith Ave from Euclid to Walker is out of control AGAIN. It overgrows into both sides of Smith so cars get scratched. If you want to turn onto Smith from Buckner you CANNOT see East on Smith to know if a car is coming West on Smith. Going East and West on Smith, the same problem occurs both directions on Davisson. This is a chronic problem every year. I believe Smith is platted as 16 feet wide, but there is definitely not that much clearance. I also believe there is city law that says vegetation should be cut back 3 feet from the street edges. If owners would cut their vegetation back one foot from the paved edge of Smith it would be a lot better. I'd appreciate contact from you after you look into this. Thank You!! (Sorry I don't have a photo I can upload right now. If you want one, let me know.)

closed #180295

Excessive Growth

324 S Madison ST

Case Date:

open #180133


224 S Maple ST

Case Date:

Excessive clutter and vehicles in yard

closed #180063

Excessive Growth

701 W 4th ST

Case Date:

Grass is at least 16 inches tall

open #180047

Street Trees

407 S Madison ST

Case Date:

There is a tree that seems dead in front of our condo complex. According to the online tree information, this is a street tree, and it is number 30477. We are interested to know if the tree will be removed? And if we have an option of weighing in on a replacement tree? We would love to have another tree planted. Thank you for your time!

closed #179958

Potholes, Other Street Repair

212 S Rogers ST

Case Date:

Lots of potholes southbound on S Rogers.

closed #179955


308 W 4th ST

Case Date:

The water fountain on the B-Line between 4th and 5th Streets is not operational.