City of Bloomington, Indiana – John Hamilton, Mayor


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closed #180039

Street Lights

2308 S Cutter CT

Case Date:


closed #178917

Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)

2320 S Boulder CT

Case Date:

Lid knocked off by snow plow

closed #177367

Water Quality

2349 S Zona CT

Case Date:

the drinking water coming out of our faucets has recently started tasting really bad, i tried putting it through a water filter and it is still undrinkable. ive lived in my home for 6 years and this is not a normal problem that we have. what could be causing this?

closed #176667

Wildlife Conflict

2317 S Boulder CT

Case Date:

Skunk has been making frequent foraging visits to my back yard. I have pet cats that quite often go outside in the late evening and early night hours. I am concerned there will be a very unpleasant encounter. I am requesting the skunk be captured and relocated.

closed #176472

Street Trees

2309 S Zona CT

Case Date:

City tree has fallen into my yard on the corner of S Zona and S Terra. I have tried to call and email Erin Hatch for since June 25th, 2021 with no answer.

open #176460

Blocked Street

2309 S Zona CT

Case Date:

The tree on the corner has either fallen down from decay or been hit by a truck, and is in the street.

closed #176201

Drainage or Runoff

2320 S Boulder CT

Case Date:

Drain at North end of Boulder court and countryside lane clogged with debris

closed #176163

Excessive Growth

2339 S Terra CT

Case Date:

Excessive weed and grass growth.

closed #175912

Potholes, Other Street Repair

2333 S Terra CT

Case Date:

From the time you turn onto Zona Ct our streets are in very bad disrepair. Very large areas of the street crumbling and turning into very large craters.

closed #172936

Parks & Playgrounds

1000 W Countryside LN

Case Date:

July 4 there were fireworks shot off in RCA park until at least 1:30 in the morning. This later led to shouting and what sounded like arguing before someone finally called the police to break up the situation. I was wondering why the city allowed fireworks to be shot off by private citizens in the park? Why when the park is supposed to be vacated at dark there were people there long after dark? Why the city had to call out a city worker on a Sunday to clean up the mess that was created? and finally what the city is going to do about the constant problems that occur after dark in this park? If it can't be serviced and maintained by the city then maybe something else needs to be done.