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3300 N Browncliff LN

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I contacted the city forester twice and left a voicemail but I didn’t receive any response. This tree is in the city’s right of way and is declining. I was hoping to get advice to save it before it becomes a safety hazard. There are many young children in our neighborhood.

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Wildlife Conflict

1631 E Maplecrest DR

Case Date:

A dog that resides at 1615 Treadwell Ln, Bloomington, IN 47408 is allowed to wander the neighborhood off leash. It once tried to attack a jogger. We have complained but the dog still comes over to our yard and defecates.

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Wildlife Conflict

2202 N Browncliff LN

Case Date:

Deer with obvious broken/wounded rear leg in my backyard. Walks with a severe limp.

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Street Trees

2903 N Browncliff LN

Case Date:

Over the last 2 weeks, two large trees have fallen where I live. One fell into our yard, the other fell across the roadway at 2903 N. Browncliff Ln. in front of our house. It took us 3 hours to clear away the tree on the street. There is yet another tree that looks to be in a dangerous situation. A big part of it is hanging over the street. Can we get some help from you to remove this tree?

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2412 N Headley RD

Case Date:

carts should be 4 feet apart

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Sidewalk Requests

1414 E Matlock RD

Case Date:

Dear all, I am writing you finally since I have been unhappy with the situtation of E Matlock Rd since we moved there around 15 years ago. The road should have a side walk on one side that goes all the way to the IU golf course (sure it would be great to have sidewalks or bikelane to Griffy Lake). But let's start small. Many people cross the bypass and go running, biking and walking in the area. Since they just come from the bypass the cars are often back to speed up again or come from the end of the street and speed up the hill. A lane for bikes and pedestrians or only pedestrians would at least protect them from always to watch every second. If out of a reason this sidewalk would not be an option please look into some speedbumps (maybe 2) on the street or at least one. People either race up the hill or down and it would be great to slow them down. It is a 30 zone but many drive 50m/h. Please let me know if there are talks about slowing down this street or putting in a sidewalk. thanks, Concerned citizen of Bloomington, Heike Meya

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1516 E Matlock RD

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2203 N Headley RD

Case Date:

Trash collection occurred Tuesday morning, but trash remained in my bin. This happened last week as well. This time, it's left nearly full. Can someone come to empty it?

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1517 E Matlock RD

Case Date:

yards in neighborhood strewn with trash

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2307 N Headley RD

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