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closed #179846

Excessive Growth

623 E Bayberry CT W

Case Date:

The grass is knee high--enough that it is starting to hide the fire hydrant.

closed #179789

Excessive Growth

423 E Laurelwood CT

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open #179742

Parks & Playgrounds

2224 S Olde Mill DR

Case Date:

There are two Ash trees, both dead, with branches falling, may soon fall over on my lot. Could I get these taken out?

closed #179671

Potholes, Other Street Repair

750 E Moss Creek DR

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closed #178776

Street Snow Removal

2104 S Azalea LN

Case Date:

I just saw the USPS truck pass up a few houses on our block, probably because about 5-6 feet of street in front of the mailboxes are unplowed. After not getting mail for two days, it's pretty unlikely neither we or our neighbor (who shares the mailbox post with us) have mail. Will the city plow more of the street so our mailboxes are accessible, or are we responsible for shoveling that 5-6 feet of city street ourselves?

closed #178657

Street Trees

2297 S Sweetbriar CT

Case Date:

We have a few trees behind us that are leaning after a storm a few months ago. the trees are on the city property behind us on Graham Drive. The trees need to be taken down when possible please. Thank you, Renee Rich

closed #178385

Street Lights

2131 S Bent Tree DR

Case Date:

Street Light Optical Sensor or Ballast is bad. Light will turn on for a couple minutes and shut off for at least 10 minutes and repeat throughout night.

closed #177891


2272 S Olde Mill DR

Case Date:

There's a Bradford pear tree on the south side of the lot along Winslow Farm Drive that is damaged and has a low hanging branch over the sidewalk. I believe this is a City street tree.

closed #177796

Animal Control & Neglected Pets

2245 S Sweetbriar CIR

Case Date:

There is an aggressive cat in our neighborhood. It is gray with white markings - chest is white. I've never gotten a great look at it. It's fast. I'm aware of 4 attacks on other cats over the last few months: my neighbor's cat was attacked, my own cat was attacked (required stitches), the cat came into another neighbor's house through a cat door and tangled with a cat in the house (I saw it then also and tried to capture it but failed), and this morning my wife heard/saw it attacking another neighborhood cat. I don't know if it belongs to a neighbor or is just wild. I don't see it often.

closed #177443

Water Quality

2140 S Bent Tree DR

Case Date:

Water has smelled horrible and tasted awful since 9/10. Water sitting in our toilets smells. The taste is bad.