City of Bloomington, Indiana – John Hamilton, Mayor


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closed #167012

Water Utility Problems

2956 N Bankers DR

Case Date:

Low water pressusre throughtout all outlets for the last 10-12 months. Plumber recommended contacting CBU to check pressure at the meter.

closed #145761

Water Utility Problems

2905 N Bankers DR

Case Date:

Customer wants to know why there is water in back yard, after digging a hole for a tree.

closed #172037

Water Utility Problems

2951 N Ramble RD W

Case Date:

After our new meter was installed, there appears to be standing water around the meter. I think it should be looked at for leakage.

closed #179999

Water Utility Problems

2936 N Bankers DR

Case Date:

Mowing service hit the water meter with the mower on 5/22/22. Needs to be replaced.