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1341 S Stella DR

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Cbu water manhole cover is off/open in front of this address

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2242 S Olde Mill DR

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Due to the rain yesterday, my basement has flooded and many others in Winslow Farms have as well. There is not enough drainage in place to handle the water that comes to my immediate area with a heavy rain. I have a storm drain in the backyard between my home and the neighbors. This drain is not sufficient to deal with the water for this whole area. Many times during the year in heavy rains, this drain gets overwhelmed and we get a large pool in backyard. Unfortunately, this time, the water rose to a point where it entered into my basement and I am now dealing with many thousands in damage. It seems that someone from the city needs to come analyze the drainage situation in this area of Winslow farms and some additional drainage systems or drains need to be added. Please let me know what other info is needed to assist in the process. Best, Amy Kopp

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1213 S Brooks DR

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It has come to our attention, as mentioned by the owner, that there is an underground propane tank still present on this property. We are concerned about potential toxic effects if left in the ground. Please investigate and remove. We hope this will be removed to prevent contamination of underground water.

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897 S Baldwin DR

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A landscape crew repairing the lawn area that was disturbed from an accident last week noticed a leak that was caused by the vehicle. The vehicle apparently had driven over the meter pit. The pit was filled with water, and the City of Bloomington meter was leaking. Nature’s Way staff was able to turn the water connection to that meter off. They recommended we contact COB so that they can address installing a new meter connection, or what repair is deemed necessary.

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2252 E Cape Cod DR

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There was a water line break on Sunday behind 2252 E Cape Cod Dr, Bloomington, IN 47401. The City of Bloomington Utilities patched the line and filled the hole. However, would like to know if City of Bloomington will repair and asphalt the patch and if this is the monetary responsibility of the City of Bloomington. Please advise.