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3611 S Bainbridge DR

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water bill

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967-987 N Woodbridge Dr, Bloomington, Indiana, 47408

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I have already paid the water bill on 6th july but the amount is not updated in the online account. Can anyone take a look into this ?

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Hello, My name is Harris Bell, and I was wondering how to get the water utilities back in my name via your website for 1709 East Atwater. We had subletters move out of our place and need to make sure to maintain the property. When you get the chance I would love to get your help to restore payments for the house. Thanks, Harris

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This morning (1/19/21) our water heater broke and we had to have an emergency water shut off. Our water heater was fixed by 10am and I called to have our water turned back on. I was PROMISED that a technician would be by before 6pm to turn our water back on. No one arrived so I called the office and received a very rude response when I called to check if someone was still coming. I was told we would just have to be serviced the next day, even though I was told I would be serviced on the 19th and never was. This is a true inconvenience and we received an incredibly rude response.