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closed #180473


7040 S Rockport RD

Case Date:

Animals (horse and sheep) being kept in front yard of unoccupied home without shelter from weather, sun and extreme temperatures. Does not appear to be water available. Small roaming area with electric fence. The horse today, is standing under the overhang against the house for shade.

closed #180456

Potholes, Other Street Repair

1625 S Williams CT

Case Date:

A small hole has developed adjacent to a wider area in the pavement that street crews paved over after a water main break several years ago.

closed #180446

Illegal Discharge (Storm Sewers)

1020 S Woodlawn AVE

Case Date:

On May 4th, 2022 I was taking a walk through the park when I noticed a chemical-type smell lingering near the stream that flows east to west through the middle of the park. When I went to investigate the source of the smell, I was alarmed by an opaque milky white substance contaminating the flowing stream. It also seemed to be the source of the smell. I followed the contamination upstream and traced it to a white PVC pipe that appears to originate from the Bryan Park pool facility. There was also particulate settling in the water where the pipe drains into the stream. Immediately after that I walked to the pool facility and confirmed with two city workers that the pool does indeed drain directly into the park's stream. They also told me that they were directed to power-wash the pool area and the resulting material was discharging directly into the stream via the PVC drainage pipe. Further, other city workers have confirmed with me that the pool water itself gets drained into the stream annually. I am not sure if this is legal - and if it is legal, it is certainly not environmentally sound. The material that is draining into the stream is very likely environmentally harmful.

closed #180430

Utilities Yardwork

612 S Bobcat BND

Case Date:

Brand new owner, I was cutting grass with my riding lawn mower, the lawn mower blades made contact with the sewer/water metal plate damaging the cover. There is a hole on top of the metal plate that needs to be repaired. I put an orange cone to cover the hole. This hole is not big enough for a kid to fall but someone could get hurt and trip.

closed #180394


245 W Grimes LN

Case Date:

The grass on the city side of the ditch is waist high, last time this was cut the city threw a rock into the Storage Express window and I really don't want that to happen again. Can a crew get out to the ditch and trim it before we have another flood and the water has no where to go?!!!

closed #180359

Parks & Playgrounds

Case Date:

The water fountain on the west side of the park runs continuously and has for weeks since they turned it on. It needs to be fixed.

closed #180355

Potholes, Other Street Repair

2349 E Linden Hill DR

Case Date:

Following up on uReport Case #179638. This report was closed by Chris Axsom on5/4/2022 06:48:15. The resolution states crews were in the area but no additional detail provided. When closing the additional inquiry please advise if paving projects are scheduled for 2022 or if they can be assessed and/or scheduled for a future year. original inquiry below: In reference to the entire bay of E Linden Hill Drive. The street paving is in disrepair due to years of wear and several water main breaks. Patch fixes have been done in past but full repair of this street. Request place to know when the street will receive a new hardtop covering as the adjacent street (The Stands Dr) did in recent years?

closed #180354

Drainage or Runoff

Case Date:

It appears that there is an long term, ongoing, active water leak coming from Sigma Pi chapter house 1430 N Jordan Ave, Bloomington, IN 47406 - on the left side of the property. Water is coming from the house, into some puddles on the drive way and leaking away from the property on to Theta Chi. I can't imagine how much water has been leaking and for how long, but it should be addressed.

closed #180318

Potholes, Other Street Repair

Case Date:

Since Park Ridge Rd was recently resurfaced, after every rain, lots of water stands for several days. Not properly sloped to drain. Mosquito breeding pool; winter ice skating rink at intersection.

closed #180195

Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)

3517 S Glasgow CIR

Case Date:

Hello. Last year there was a major rainstorm in Bloomington that managed to adversely affect the storm drainage between my house and the next door neighbor. The storm activity managed to wash out a small corner of soil on the other side of the fence. Now any time it rains and thereafter, the ground is fairly wet (puddles) and the corner with missing soil fills up. This water manages to linger for days from outside the fence and through the yard. I'm requesting someone from Stormwater to visit my home on 10 June 2022; any time of day is fine. I ask for this date because I'm off work and we can survey together. This has been an ongoing issue for some time and I'm seeking suitable remedy. I have additional photos to share, however, seeing this in person would be beneficial. I couldn't include this on the form, however, my work email is: john.r.jerome.civ@army.mil. I'm most appreciative for any time you're able to spare to look at this issue. Thank you. V/r John