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open #187791

Potholes, Other Street Repair

207 S Rogers ST

Case Date:

I don't have a current photo but particularly since the utility work completed on this stretch of road the parking spots in front of the shops flood and hold water. The gradient actually seems to slope away from the drain instead of towards. As a result, we frequently have to bail out the parking spots to make them usable for customers. Flooding issues include the accessible parking spot, which poses a risk to the mobility impaired. How can we best collaborate on a solution? Thanks!

open #187344

Sewer Problems (Sanitary Sewers)

213 E Cottage Grove AVE

Case Date:

See case #187164: Water is still flowing from house. The stream begins in the alley coming from the NE corner of the house, then moving south down the alley to Cottage Grove. The sewage water then travels east along the north edge of Cottage Grove to Lincoln. The sewage water then forms a pool on the NW corner of Lincoln/CG. The sewage water then crosses CG and travels south along the west edge of Lincoln until it meets 10th Street, where it crosses Lincoln to the NW corner of Lincoln and 10th, where is has formed a second pool. The property owner claims there is no water coming from their house. Please test the water for microorganisms and when the tests come back positive, inform the property owner of their obligations if they want to continue to rent out houses that used to be people's homes.

open #186556

Sewer Problems (Sanitary Sewers)

164 N Park Ridge RD

Case Date:

There is water that smells like sewage bubbling up out of the drainage pipes. I've seen it literally bubbling up as if under pressure so I believe it comes from some kind of underground pipe but I can't be sure. The area is always wet as a result and smells.

open #184130

Water Utility Billing Problems

3220 E John Hinkle PL

Case Date:

I am writing to bring your attention to an urgent matter regarding an unusually high water bill that I have received. My name is Kumar Vinayak, and I am a resident in the Bloomington area. I hope that you can assist me in resolving this issue promptly. Upon reviewing my recent bills, I have noticed a significant discrepancy in the water consumption. In the month of April, the recorded consumption was approximately 30 gallons, while in May, it unexpectedly increased to 35 gallons. These figures are undoubtedly incorrect, as such a volume of water cannot be reasonably consumed by a single individual. To address this concern, we immediately contacted our leasing office, as we suspected a possible emergency situation or water leakage within our house. They promptly responded by inspecting the property thoroughly but found no signs of any leaks or abnormal water usage. This observation leads us to believe that the issue may lie with the meter or its readings, as it seems to be continuously running even when the house is unoccupied. Given our status as students, it is financially burdensome for us to pay the exorbitant amount of approximately $1000 for water alone. This kind of billing discrepancy is highly abnormal, as it greatly surpasses our electricity bill, which amounts to approximately $100 per month. I kindly request your immediate attention to this matter and urge you to investigate the issue thoroughly. I have attached a copy of the bill for your reference. I believe it is essential to rectify this situation as soon as possible to avoid any further financial strain on our part. I appreciate your understanding and assistance in resolving this matter swiftly. Please keep me informed of any progress made in investigating and rectifying the issue. I can be reached at the email address provided in this communication or my flatmate's contact number, +1 (812) 360-0848 (as I am outside Bloomington).

open #183468

Sewer Problems (Sanitary Sewers)

2315 E 3rd ST

Case Date:

Drain water and sewage water is backing up from the city lines up and out of the basement drains.

open #183353

Water Utility Billing Problems

3101 N Canterbury CT

Case Date:

Our water usage volume has almost tripled in Jan, Feb and Mar of 2023 compared to Oct, Nov and Dec of 2022.From about 11K gallons to around 33K gallons per month. Something does not seem right. I believe our facilities manager did have a plumbing company look to see if they could find any issue but I don't believe they did. Can someone take a look at this issue? Craig Baird, Staff Accountant

open #183187

Drainage or Runoff

507 E Lakewood DR

Case Date:

As can be seen in the photo there are three dry creek beds (swales) feeding the area where the runoff water is pooling during a heavy rain fall. Cause of the pooling is the drain through a small ridge is eroded and clogged up. City needs to remedy this issue.

open #179964

Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)

1036 W 6th ST

Case Date:

All the storm water runoff from the White Oak Cemetery basin, during very hard rains, cannot be handled by the 4-storm drains near the intersection of 7th and Oak Streets. The excess is diverted through the gravel parking of our neighbor at 1025 W 7th, washing the gravel onto the street. The storm water then turns and washes through the alley between 6th & 7th Streets. It then goes through our carport and yard washing our mulch away in places. Oak street was paved in the past and is higher than the storm drain at 7th and Oak so any excess water has do go through the gravel parking instead of down the street. I would be happy to meet someone to look at this problem. Thanks.

open #179541

Drainage or Runoff

102 S Waldron ST

Case Date:

I am requesting a ditch or pipe be installed in the wooded easement south of my property that will move the water out to the storm drain that was recently installed last year on Waldron Street in front my house. On April 13th of this year, we received a lot of rain in just a couple hours and I noticed most of the water was coming from the wooded easement South of my house and running down into my yard, pooling up and overflowing down near my basement (where i've had flooding from the street runoff in years past). Phil Peden is who I've talked to in the past. Hoping this can be resolved before we get more rain this Spring. Thank you, -Kyle Spears Homeowner of 102 South Waldron St. 812-369-0765

open #179127

Water Quality

1469 E 17th ST

Case Date:

In ground water valve is missing cap. Reported by IU Groundskeeper.