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Potholes, Other Street Repair

800 N Washington ST

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Last year, the section of the sidewalk at Washington and Cottage Grove was replaced, but the workers left a trench in the road that collects water and breeds mosquitos. I couldn't help but notice when similar work was done this summer on 10th street and a layer of pavement was laid alongside the sidewalk to fill the trench there. Probably just an oversight but it'd be nice to get this job completed.

closed #165089

Yard Waste

1364 East Rogers Road

Case Date:

Duke Energy removed two trees from city property (immediately adjacent to E Rogers Road) and left the two sycamore trucks cut up in 8' segments on my property. I called Duke and asked them to remove them, but they said it's the landowner's responsibility (Duke cuts, but doesn't remove). Since the trees were on city-owned land, I hope the city will dispose of them. Please see the attached screenshot from the GIS system that demonstrates where my property boundary ends. The city clearly owns some portion of land adjacent to the road. These two trees were within three feet of Rogers Road, and were removed to provide more access to the pole Duke is replacing. Additionally, I'm frustrated with Duke about two things: 1) The pipe they've installed immediately adjacent to the road is incredibly unsightly. It's rusty and approximately 20 feet too long. I'd be happy to provide a picture of this. 2) In order to get big trucks back to this pole, they have installed two corrugated plastic drainage pipes and covered them with gravel. They are dramatically too small for the location. Since they first did this several years ago, the pipes are continuously clogged with leaves and sticks. The flow of water is constantly stopped here. As a result, there is a bit of local flooding which washes out the gravel Duke uses to cover the culverts. This is a very disappointing solution to have implemented on one's property. I have pictures of this, as well. I have no problem with Duke accessing their pole. They have every right to do so. I also understand that the City probably didn't know their trees were cut down or placed on my property. But I'm quite disappointed in the quality of materials and work that Duke has utilized to access their easement on my property. Can you please help with these things?

closed #164642

Sidewalk & Curb Complaints

2128-2138 East Meadow Bluff Court

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This is the second time I have reported this issue. In the fall there was a water main break on our street and the water company did not properly repair the dig site. We now have a mud pit/hole at the site of the repair and we recently had a visitor trip and almost fall at the site. I would appreciate this being fixed right away. Thank you, John Tweedie

closed #163507

Potholes, Other Street Repair

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First of all, thank you for filling in all the potholes I have mentioned to you over the past weeks. I must say that maybe there is a misunderstanding re # 163413. I don't see any water valve there and the pothole is still the same: intersection of Jordan and Sheridan. Not far from there is another pothole: on S Eastside Drive, where it intersects with First Street. Also, there is a utility cut in front of 1800 E Second, that is getting deeper by the day.

closed #156759

Sidewalk Requests

821 N Blair AVE

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We have a sidewalk already, but I have a question about modifying it. We are considering having some drainage work done on our property and would like a drain/grate through the sidewalk to help with water draining. We've seen some in the sidewalks along Blair Ave. and were curious about how to have one installed. If this is not under your area, would you please pass along this email to the appropriate person or committee. Thank you for your time!

closed #154589

Sidewalk Requests

200 East 2nd Street

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two sections of the sidewalk are sloped together so that water pools immediately after a rain. It is a heavily walked sidewalk and the puddle is definitely an inconvenience. I'm considering work on my driveway; can I/should I have the contractor improve the situation? Do I need city approval?