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Drainage or Runoff

1804 E Ruby LN

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In 2019 we received a residential storm water grant to have a ditch at the back of our yard redone. It was done with large riprock. During the last big rainstorm large rocks were carried into the storm drain which could cause a clogging problem at the next big rainstorm. They are located at the drain in our neighbors yard at 1100 S. Nancy Street, as well as in the drain in the street. We need the rocks to replace them and repair the ditch as it drains 17 properties. Do not take the rocks away after removing them from the storm drains.

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Drainage or Runoff

1110 S Covenanter DR

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Hi, We know that this property has a new owner and was purchased earlier this year. Due to the storms on Friday night of last week...there is a lot of debris blocking the ditch and culvert. We are expecting rain again tomorrow and this weekend. Can the city contact the new owners to come and clean up their culvert and ditch along High street before the impending rains this weekend? This affects the whole neighborhood and will cause backups of water. Thank you.

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Drainage or Runoff

2001 E Marilyn DR

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Location - 2001 East Marilyn Drive Issue - rain water is collecting and pooling in front of our home. We believe that it is caused by drainage system built on the "high" side of the road that is poorly engineered and inadequate for this area. Solution - we would like to discuss what it would take to get a curb with an inlet that would connect to the drainage system across the road.