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Utilities Yardwork

401 N Sheffield DR

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three years ago when we had a water main break they tore up this section of my yard and it was under the street. It has never grown grass. Twice I have them come back and put more seed on it asked for soil (which never happened) only sees and straw. This spring I put on 10 bags of garden soil and grass seed. And it had just started to grow. When this rain came and washed it all away. I would like the city to put sod in. after 3 years and 2 to 3 inches of soil and sod still missing it seems to be the only solution!

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Water Utility Problems

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just in case you don't already know...7th street just east of morton is wet 100% of the time for about a month now. probable water line leak. photo was last night. from where the ice ridge was a couple weeks ago, i suspect its in the center of the south (eastbound) lane about a third of the way up the hill towards college. roughly at 214 w 7th. thanks!!

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Water Utility Problems

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water leak showing on driveway and road at 5105 s rogers

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Potholes, Other Street Repair

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Road and sidewalk need to be repair after water line problem

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Sidewalk & Curb Complaints

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Sorry if this is a repeat, I'm having a devil of a time with the website. This is a follow up to ticket #166390, in which Phil Peden indicated he wanted to see it when it rains. This is a view to the west from the sidewalk on the west side of Rogers St at about 9th street, between Bloomington Iron Metal (right of photo) and 501 N Rogers. The two problematic tributaries are labelled in the photo. They meet just to the left of the photo, which is exactly where the sidewalk crosses the 501 N Rogers driveway, and they flow south from there. Tributary A runs eastward along the north side of the pavement there, and then fans out where the pavement seam starts, and poses the larger problem because it is too wide to step over. Tributary B handles a large volume of water, but in light rain you can hop over it onto a manhole cover (marked "communications") that is just to the right of the photo. If a trench was dug in the dirt along the north side of the asphalt, extending all the way from the fence to the sidewalk, then A and B could probably be forced to join directly at the photographer's feet. Then it is just a matter of digging a trench under the sidewalk to the existing (and dry) rain gutter just behind the photographer. Thank you!!!!