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810 NW 11th St, Washington, IN 47501, USA

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Illegal Dumping in Drainage Easement and Common Conservation areas in Gentry South- Course construction sand (over 100 square feet and up to 10" deep) plus tree brush and other mulched woody material, large insect ridden sawed cut logs (including 47" logs), small rock and trash items have been dumped into the drainage easement area behind my house. The area that serves to hold flood water is being filled in, invasives are taking hold where the sand is, and the large debris is damaging trees. I know the area was free from this for at least 6 years prior, even during record water flow. The first occurrence was in early April 2020 and happened again the next year during early April 2021. These dumps are sudden. It was free of more sand at the end of March. Then, a week later there was suddenly a large dump of sand again. I was quoted $4,000 to remove the first dump of sand. Additionally, someone has dumped what looks like yard mulch/waste twice in this neighborhood’s Common Area/Conservation Easement.

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I'm trying to find out who to contact pertaining to runoff from a new construction site into the nearby neighborhood waterway on the west side of Bloomington. My concern is that the construction barrier broke during the big storm in July, causing muddy clayish water to spill out into the road and backup the drains. That water has now made its way into the creek that flows thru Orchard Glen Co-op and meets up with the one along the Karst Farm Greenway. Due to the amount of mud, i believe someone needs to inspect it to make sure it's not a threat to the habitat or karst system there.