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Drainage or Runoff

1202 E Elliston DR

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I live at 1202 E. Elliston Drive (green house pictured). Elliston Dr, at the northwest corner of our lot, pools with a large volume of storm water after even a little rainfall, and it does not drain we have to wait for it to evaporate. I know it's probably an undertaking but is there any way the city can fix this? Overall the corner is a high elevation but there's a shallow pool there as you can see, and no storm drain. Could a storm line be ran down to another location so it can drain away and stop causing problems with the curb basically eroding away?

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Drainage or Runoff

3526 S Tudor LN

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This was originally a trouble report left on T&D voice mail on 5/22/14. I visited the site on 5/23 and met with her husband. They have had storm water problems since they moved into the house in 1999. During heavy rain storms, the water flows over the drive and into the garage. They have tried different things and currently have to keep sand bags in front of the garage door but the water still sometimes goes over them.