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To whom it may concern: My name is Lauren Goldman, and I am the treasurer of the IU Waterski and Wakeboard Team. Our club team was founded over 40 years ago, and is comprised of a group of enthusiastic undergraduate students competing in collegiate water ski and wakeboard tournaments. From rookies to national title holders, our members are all highly passionate and motivated individuals that live for practice on Lake Lemon. When our members are not in class or on the lake, they are serving the Bloomington area through volunteering and alumni events on and off campus. Our team is a growing presence on Indiana University’s campus, on Lake Lemon, and across the city of Bloomington. We have many aspirations for our upcoming school year, including expanding our membership, doing more for our community, and competing as a team in national tournaments. In order to reach our goals, we need more opportunities to fundraise money in the Bloomington area. A few of our ideas were to set up a grilled cheese stand on a weekend night at a busy street corner, host a car wash in downtown Bloomington, sell our personalized merchandise, and more. On behalf of the club, I wanted to request information regarding how we could turn these aspirations into a reality. I wanted to ask what Bloomington businesses or locations would grant us permission to host a car wash, or do we need to follow a process of steps to be able to vendor on a street corner? Our goal is to have a positive, lasting impact on our community while also reaching our own individual potentials. I hope to get in contact with someone willing to assist our team coming this fall. Any insight, information, or advice would be highly appreciated. My phone number is (260) 267-3526 and I am always available to be reached about any questions or concerns. Thank you in advance for your time.