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Traffic Related Complaints

1014 E Thornton DR

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Location 1008 E Thornton Dr.; Public safety/ traffic/ residential parking issue: Large amount of shoulder stone has eroded away due to to water run off from the street. Creating a large rut and beginning to undermine the edge of the steets pavement. (avg. 50'x1'x1') with the stone being washed towards Henderson St. then into the storm sewer system. This issue has been reported on multiple occasions over the last year by multiple residents.

closed #188500

Traffic Related Complaints

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Thanks but I see done going outside of the parking place markings into a lane of traffic. On May 17, 2024, at 1:13 PM, uReport <no-reply@bloomington.in.gov> wrote: https://bloomington.in.gov/crm/tickets/view?ticket_id=188474 Closed by Michael Stewart Thank you for the question- the areas that are being used for seating for the parklets are all contained within the existing parking spaces and not within what is considered the travelled way. With that in mind, the water-filled barricades are not being used as traffic control devices, but rather as a physical delineation between the seating and the road itself.