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Despite the visit from the recycling crew, regrettably, they did not empty my can. I am struggling to comprehend their refusal to collect it, even if it does not meet their criteria for fullness. Unfortunately, I could not find any information on the website regarding the required level of fill for bin collection. Furthermore, the representative I spoke to on the phone in early December acknowledged the need for emptying but continued to defend their reasoning. It is disheartening to pay for this service through my water bill and have a designated recycling can, only to find it left unemptied. Regardless of its level of occupancy, I believe it should be emptied completely. It is frustrating to have it sit around, solely because they are unwilling to empty it due to their perception of insufficient filling.

closed #164695


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I called last Friday and reported that my recycling was never picked up and I was told to leave it by the curb and it would be a day or so before you would get to it.. As of today it is still in the front of my house full to the top so I guess it will not be picked up until tomorrow which is the usual day for pick up. I need a refund since I pay every month on my water bill for this service. Please have someone contact my. Thanks, Julie