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Utilities Construction

600 E Moody DR

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Three very large pipes have been lying in my yard for over one week now. I believe that this is for a contracted public works project. I do not want to approach the workers during this public health crisis as they are not wearing face masks. I would like to be able to mow my lawn this weekend, and I do not feel that the lawn of an occupied house is the appropriate place to store construction equipment. I would like to request that the workers are instructed to remove the pipes from my lawn either today (Thursday, April 09, 2020) or tomorrow. In the event that this is not a water-related project, I would assume the city has permits on file to communicate with the appropriate party.

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Water Utility Problems

1625 S Pinestone CT

Case Date:

Construction crews were here on Tuesday and Wednesday working. This morning around 930 am, our water is not running out of the taps very well and the toilet refills really slowly. Everything had been working fine up until today.

closed #175216

Water Utility Problems

1617 S Pinestone CT

Case Date:

We have no water. Would like to know when our service will resume.

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Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)

1701 S Buffstone CT

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Hello. I am currently renting a duplex unit at 1701 S Buffstone Ct. Per my landlord, the city is responsible for maintaining the ditches that line E Thornton Dr. There is a lot of debris in the ditches at the moment. When it rains a lot, the ditches fill up with water, and sometimes overflow. Can you please clean up debris from the ditches that line the cul-de-sac? With renting a property, I am not eligible to purchase flood insurance, and so I would greatly appreciate your attention to this matter. Thank you!