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On Sunday afternoon after all the rain, I noticed a debris dam across the creek that was holding back some water. Yesterday it was not holding back water, but remains in a position to collect more debris in the next rains. On Sunday I could see from the trail through Olcott woods that the water had overflowed at the dam and moved across the low land on the north side of the creek, through the grove of pawpaws.. Part of the debris came from a pile that had been just below the bridge. The dam includes a tree trunk that is now caught on an upright tree. If you go to the bridge and stand on the Olcott end and look downstream, you can see the debris dam.

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Parks & Playgrounds

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Someone has left a small cat bed and placed out water and food at the Rogers Family Park (Goat Farm). The water and food dishes are close to the parking lot. I do not want my dog to eat food from the park and he almost got it before I saw it.

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Parks & Playgrounds

Bryan Park Basketball Courts, 1001 S Henderson St, Bloomington, IN 47401, USA

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Water fountain is leaking

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2404 Old State Rd 37, Bloomington, IN 47404, USA

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Water fountain running - need to fox push button outside of waterfall shelter in cAscades park.

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Parks & Playgrounds

4421 E Morningside DR

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Water fountain isn’t on at Park Ridge East Park

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Parks & Rec Buildings

1020 S Woodlawn AVE

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The Bryan Park pool is looking a little rough. Both of the larger water slides have graffiti on the inside that you see when you go down them. There are two mushroom-like water features in the Limestone Lagoon: one doesn't spray water anymore and the other is missing its top. The women's locker room has peeling paint and felt damp and grubby. This pool is arguably the best in town, but it is sorely in need of a refresh.

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Parks & Playgrounds

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The mud in the big dog section of the Ferguson Dog Park is getting bad again. Standing water starting to smell.

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016-35440-00, Bloomington, IN 47403, USA

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On 6-15-23 between the hours of 12:00 to 1:00 pm. Myself and 2 others had just climbed up the stairs after going down to look at the water falls. We heard a loud car enter the parking area and shut off. however, no one got out of the vehicle as if they intended to hike. I was concerned about my own car because it was the only other one there. My friends and I decided to walk back up to the parking lot to make sure my was not the target of being broken in to or the catalytic converter being stolen. As we approached the parking area, we observed the other car had backed into the parking spot next to my car. We could see the driver standing beside they driver's door. We made noise to let the m know we were approaching, the person standing immediately sat back down in their seat. We saw an adult male slumped over in the passenger seat, totally passed out and not moving or awake. The driver and person who had been standing was an adult women, she seemed oblivious and unaware too. The car was and older car, a big vehicle like police use to drive, possibly a Crown Victoria . The back seat was piled high with clothes,, sleeping bags, blankets, etc. Indicating to me homelessness. The car was painted gray with a large area of the front end painted black. The back window on the drivers side had a star in it, brown like a sheriff's star. It was obvious that they were not intending to hike. We intended to continue our hike but decided the situation seemed unsafe and sketchy. I would have liked to have gotten a photo of their license plate, but as I said they were backed into the spot. As that is a pretty isolated area without others around, I thought I should at least list my concern. It is my hope that the area is patrolled throughout the day. The Leonard Springs Nature Preserve is a beautiful area that those of us who appreciate nature and the beauty of this area should be able to access without risk or fear of something happening to our vehicles or our person. My friends and I are experienced hikers and do so on a regular basis. Unfortunately, this is the first time we have felt such an uncomfortable and sketchy situation. I am certain I would recognize that vehicle again My phone Number is 824-6527 if you need to call me. I felt it was important to list my concern.

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Parks & Playgrounds

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Winslow farms park (at the ball fields) only has one very disgusting looking water fountain. Would love to see a new water fountain for the kids, possibly with a water fill option. Thanks!

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Parks & Playgrounds

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There is an area close to the entrance where water gathers. It becomes slippery and yesterday was slimy and stinky. Could it be filled with dirt or stone to avoid this. Dogs were rolling in it and really stinky. Also seems a health hazard.