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closed #187906

Drainage or Runoff

145 N Hillsdale DR

Case Date:

Not sure this is city or homeowner issue. Pooling water in ROW. This is the downhill side of a driveway and instead of draining it fills up after each rain, since the roadside gutter has been filled in. There are other examples of this in Green Acres. Reporting it in case something can be done.

closed #187800

Water Quality

932 S Ransom LN

Case Date:

I saw my original complaint didn't go through. 930 South ransom has black smelly water discharging into the ditch.

closed #187164

Sewer Problems (Sanitary Sewers)

213 E Cottage Grove AVE

Case Date:

Please test the water leaking from this house for coliforms. It smells again. Water is in alley. See previous ureport case.

closed #185336


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I'm trying to find out who to contact pertaining to runoff from a new construction site into the nearby neighborhood waterway on the west side of Bloomington. My concern is that the construction barrier broke during the big storm in July, causing muddy clayish water to spill out into the road and backup the drains. That water has now made its way into the creek that flows thru Orchard Glen Co-op and meets up with the one along the Karst Farm Greenway. Due to the amount of mud, i believe someone needs to inspect it to make sure it's not a threat to the habitat or karst system there.

closed #185301

Drainage or Runoff

3020 S Stratford DR

Case Date:

Follow-up on Report #185258 – Assistance needed, please forward to Ms. Elizabeth Carter. Dear Ms. Carter, Thank you for your prompt response to case #185258. We seek your continued guidance regarding the issue outlined in the initial message. The eroded drainage-way section lies outside our rental property's limits. After discussions with all relevant property owners (1912 E Wexley Rd, 1920 E Wexley Rd and 3020 Stratford Dr), we've concluded that this affected section of the drainage-way, causing flooding, might not be on our properties. This is reinforced by utility bollards adjacent to the eroded zone, demarcated by an extra fence. Suspicions arise from recently installed storm drain pipes on E Wexley, which appear to now funnel excessive water into this drainage-way, exacerbating erosion on both sides and ultimately flooding our properties. We kindly request the City of Bloomington's experts to determine ownership of the eroded section accurately and provide expert advice, ideally from an engineer, on addressing the heightened drainage flow, which is beyond our control. My apologies for the earlier property manager's email address error. The correct contact details are as follows: Ms. Janet Jin (812-325-9093, cjcornerstone.mgt@gmail.com). Your assistance in this pressing matter is greatly appreciated. Kind regards, Gergo Szanda

closed #185258

Drainage or Runoff

3020 S Stratford DR

Case Date:

Dear Madam/Sir, We are writing to report an ongoing and hazardous issue concerning the creek that runs behind our properties (3020 S Stratford Dr and 1920 E Wexlex Rd). After moderate to heavy rainfall, the creek's bank becomes overwhelmed by the increased water flow, resulting in flooding of our yards and water surrounding the residence at 3020 Stratford Dr. Our observations indicate that this flooding is primarily caused by erosion along the creek's eastern basin, located on public land 'above' and 'behind' our properties. The severity of the flooding is evident as approximately 2-3 inches of water accumulates around the house, enters the crawl space, and covers utility equipment such as the electric manhole and bollards. The water takes several hours to recede, during which time the electric manhole remains submerged. We have already notified Duke Energy about this issue, given its potential electrical hazards. As new tenants, we have identified this critical problem that was somehow overlooked by previous residents. While we can only attach a single image to this message and all incidents have taken place at night since our move, we are ready and willing to assist your team in identifying the eroded section of the creek bank, provide on-site explanations and further images if needed. We respectfully request your guidance on addressing this matter and your assistance in coordinating with Duke Energy, if required, to urgently resolve this situation. In case you are unable to reach us at 765-508-9679, please contact our property manager, Ms. Janet Jin (812-325-9093, jcornerstone.mgt@gmail.com), as we may be overseas. Thank you for your immediate attention to this pressing concern. Sincerely, Gergo Szanda

closed #185235

Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)

1301 W Allen ST

Case Date:

The issue with this ongoing construction site continues. The workers on-site drove over the silt fence that was supposed to stop concrete run off and they have made no attempts to fix it. Every single time it rains, there is a build up of run off on the sidewalk that prevents water from draining properly and is contaminating the water systems with who knows what. The property has not ever disposed of it properly either (they literally just shovel it onto a tree stump instead of renting a proper disposal receptacle).

closed #183800

Illegal Discharge (Storm Sewers)

501 S Mitchell ST

Case Date:

Water is slowly but continuosly leaking from the house at 501 South Mitchell across the Eastside neighborhood pocket park into the storm water runoff ditch. The leak location is close to the house's sewer cleanout and so possibly a sewage leak.

closed #183011

Drainage or Runoff

410 E Vernon AVE

Case Date:

Hello, I am writing you again to address the storm water issue we have in front of our property. It has been almost a year since the process of fixing this issue has started and it is becoming frustrating. We have been very patient, and we understand that there are priorities in the city but if this issue is not addressed the road will continue to erode and soon we will not be able to access our driveway. As I stated, we started the process in March 2022; we waited until September and submitted another ticket UReport 181323; this time the crew came and did some work (since we did not receive any information, we did not know if they are finished by the way they left the project for the past few months). I wish I could attach more photos of the "finished " project. Anyway whenever they cleaned the trench, the asphalt was scraped, and everything was left as is and every time it rains all the dirt and sediments go in the culvert clogging it. The rain today made everything worse, the culvert is clogged and the water is again on the street. It is extremely frustrating and disappointing. Below is the first email we sent on March 14, 2022 Hello, We are contacting you with hopes of getting some advice regarding the storm water stream that runs along E Vernon Ave in Matlock Heights neighborhood. There is a storm/ rain water stream( path) that runs under N Dunn Rd , goes west on E Vernon Ave and under Fritz Dr and eventually goes into a larger creek. Over the past few years this pathway has been deteriorating with some of the road erosion happening right before the water goes into the culvert under our driveway. The previous owner of our property added some rocks and blocks but it does not solve the road erosion problem. We are needing guidance and help since we do not know how to address the erosion and also the public road. Thank you for all your help! Mihaela Lee 812-325-6959

closed #182902

Drainage or Runoff

2626 S Bryan ST

Case Date:

There are no sewer drains for rain water. It all pools around my yard every time it rains. The road is worn down from trucks so the water just stays there for days eating away at my yard. I even see there's a line item on my water bill where I pay for run off water...why am I paying for it to just flood my yard? I've written about this once before because I also think a curb around my property would also help the problem.