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Water Utility Problems

4101 W Gifford RD

Case Date:

During the home inspection, its come to know that the water inlet pressure is 80 PSI which is going to affect pipe fitting in the house and it is safety issue. I am looking for bLoomington utilities to install a pressure regulator so the water pressure could be lowered down to 60 PSI. I tried calling customer service but i havent got any help

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Water Quality

3937 W Walnut Leaf DR

Case Date:

A lot of rust in water. Also the neighbor at 3945 hired a landscaping Company , they drove over the meter opening & broke the top. Don’t know if that’s contributing to water quality.

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Water Utility Problems

5365 W Cobblestone ST

Case Date:

water was turned off for non-payment while I was out of town, subsequently received a letter that water would be turned off after July 11 if I did not pay. I paid immediately but no one available to turn on because it's a weekend, EVEN THOUGH TURNED OFF BEFORE SHUTOFF DATE??!!!?

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Water Utility Problems

828 S Harvey DR

Case Date:

I work for Mackie Properties, and we manage a rental at 828 S Harvey Dr. Our tenants reported a broken water/sewer cover in their front yard last month. My coworker left CBU a voicemail about the issue 8/30/22, but I don't think we heard back, so I wanted to follow up on having this utility lid repaired/replaced. Thank you!

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Water Quality

935 S Persimmon Tree CIR

Case Date:

We all are aware of the taste and smell issue with the water right now. I work at the hospital and many of my patients refuse to drink it because it tastes so bad, as do I. The smell in the shower or when pouring water to boil is so bad. My big issue is that my dog has become very ill with bleeding upon urination, vomiting, and severe diarrhea. When I took her to the vet there were 3 others in the waiting room with dogs with the same issue. I know we have been told that the water is safe to drink but I'm not sure this is a coincidence. I worry that there have not been enough testing done on the safety of the algae in the water on pets. I will be giving mine only bottled water and hope she survives this illness but really want this issue resolved.

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Water Quality

4189 W Chisholm TRL

Case Date:

The water is so terrible tasting and smelling that my family cannot drink it! We were forced to buy water. How long will this last? The foul smell and taste happens nearly every year. With CBU being the only source of potable water in Bloomington, there is no alternative! We are having to spend our limited resources to get drinkable water. We should at least get a decrease in water charges if CBU is unable to correct the issue permanently.

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Utilities Yardwork

612 S Bobcat BND

Case Date:

Brand new owner, I was cutting grass with my riding lawn mower, the lawn mower blades made contact with the sewer/water metal plate damaging the cover. There is a hole on top of the metal plate that needs to be repaired. I put an orange cone to cover the hole. This hole is not big enough for a kid to fall but someone could get hurt and trip.

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4226 W Doyle AVE

Case Date:

The pedestrian bridge over the creek {Early History Trail} RCA Park has a massive blockage of trees limbs etc. Heavy rain creates a massive pool of water the eventually releases down stream, affecting property down stream. Please remove. Thankyou

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Water Quality

3520 W Festive DR

Case Date:

Low water pressure and the water is cloudy.

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Water Quality

4032 W Glen Oaks DR

Case Date:

Water taste is still an issue - still undrinkable