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Drainage or Runoff

3515 E Park LN

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I have a problem on my property with drainage. The drainage of my property runs off naturally into my neighbor's yard. His address is 3514 Morningside Drive. When a storm comes, his back yard pools and remains there for a few days until it is absorbed into the ground. I discussed with one of the neighbors how this might be resolved and volunteered to help pay for pipes that would carry the water that pools in their yard to the ditch along Morningside Drive. The neighbor didn't think that would work. Now they have dug out a deeper hole in their yard and are installing a "Sponge Garden." My understanding is that this will retain water and will not allow my yard to drain. This area has backed up into my basement in the past and flooded it. It seems to me that this will occur more easily with the installment of the "Sponge Garden." I appeal to the city of Bloomington to send engineers to come and see if there is some way that water can be drained into the ditch along Morningside Drive.

open #179541

Drainage or Runoff

102 S Waldron ST

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I am requesting a ditch or pipe be installed in the wooded easement south of my property that will move the water out to the storm drain that was recently installed last year on Waldron Street in front my house. On April 13th of this year, we received a lot of rain in just a couple hours and I noticed most of the water was coming from the wooded easement South of my house and running down into my yard, pooling up and overflowing down near my basement (where i've had flooding from the street runoff in years past). Phil Peden is who I've talked to in the past. Hoping this can be resolved before we get more rain this Spring. Thank you, -Kyle Spears Homeowner of 102 South Waldron St. 812-369-0765

open #171825

Drainage or Runoff

2704 N Skyline DR

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I am a homeowner with storm drainage infrastructure running alongside and underneath my yard. The majority of the Cascade Neighborhood drains though here and the conduit along Skyline is crumbling and heavily damaged. This needs to be repaired in order to accommodate the volume of water now common in our storms. Further, I am concerned that the underground portion is compromised. I see several sinkholes in my yard from subsidence. There are actually two conduits running though - one from alongside my yard, and another that runs from across the street in my neighbors yard. Additionally, there was a portion of erosion along my back fenceline that had eroded around a city sewer access point. Since the city came to fill this, I have had flooding in my garage - correlated to this directly. I have owned my home for over 10 years and am noticing the impacts of hydrostatic pressure in my basement - am issue I’ve never had before. I am concerned that the many city lines that run though my yard are compromised- leading to this problem. I would greatly appreciate meeting with a utilities manager to discuss these issues and have a scope of these lines performed.

open #170850

Drainage or Runoff

835 W Kirkwood AVE

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My basement has flooded due to street runoff twice within the last 7 years and has ruined my furnace and water heater. I am requesting the city pour a curb along the front of my street where my house is facing to prevent future damage.