City of Bloomington, Indiana – John Hamilton, Mayor


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open #180409

Water Quality

437 W Joy ST

Case Date:

Our water is discolored / rusty. This is coming from the cold water taps and isn't due to a rusty water heater. (Our water heater was replaced just a few months ago.)

open #180377

Water Quality

3131 S Cuffers DR

Case Date:

Not enough water flow to even flush toilets

open #179453

Water Quality

Bloomington City Hall, 401 N Morton St, Bloomington, IN 47401, USA

Case Date:

I had already let the water flow, so it wasn't producing the black debris anymore, but you can see the residue on the side of this plastic container. We have had this problem periodically since we moved here two years ago.

open #179234

Water Quality

Case Date:

My water line was hoked up last week to the new supply that has been installed on N Hancock Dr. I expected a bit of flavor difference, but this plastic taste is NOT diminishing. I have run water for 1/2 hour in the house a couple times, but no great success. Could you please flush the new lines at the hydrants ? Bill Goodhew

open #179215

Water Utility Problems

1194 E Regency DR

Case Date:

Water back on thanks. (Couldn't find a way to report that other than creating a new report.)

open #179150

Water Quality

3520 W Festive DR

Case Date:

Low water pressure and the water is cloudy.

open #179049

Water Quality

2205 E Autumn DR

Case Date:

After my refridgerator ice maker stopped working and the water dispenser slowed, I discovered that the water line to fridge was releasing water filled with what appear to be dirt particles. These were clogging the refridgerator water filter, causing the above-mentioned problems. Currently, this appears to be the only spigot with water quality issues, but it is still a concern.