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open #179203

Biking & Walking

3193-3261 John Hinkle Pl, Bloomington, IN 47408, USA

Case Date:

Constant water obstacle blocking PollyGrimshaw multi-path. there is a water sewer grate nearby to channel water away.

open #176162

Blocked Sidewalk

Rogers St and Coolidge Drive, Bloomington, IN 47403, USA

Case Date:

Broken water access cover

open #177855

Blocked Sidewalk

1303 S Rechter PL

Case Date:

The sidewalk has a serious dip and all the water collects here when it rains, making it unpassable.

open #179755

Blocked Sidewalk

Case Date:

The side walk along High Street, just south of Woodstock Place, has been partially blocked with the asphalt that was used to temporarily fill pot holes. As the water pushed out the asphalt, it has moved onto the sidewalk, making walking along busy High Street more dangerous.

open #179231

Debris Removal

Case Date:

weeks of standing water. Zero Maintenance for five years. ALL of Drainage gully including 112 s morningside

open #174336

Drainage or Runoff

939 S High ST

Case Date:

This property collects water in its basement, owner disposes of water by running a hose tube, to the property line, which causes soil erosion, utility pole erosion, and water on public sidewalk.

open #175356

Drainage or Runoff

Case Date:

There is a drainage issue outside our neighbor’s home that is running in front of our home as well. The standing water has been there for about a year, is disgusting and has an odor that smells like fish. I am concerned about our children getting sick from getting this contaminated water on their hands and body. This is located on the cul-de-sac of S Bay Hill Court in Fieldstone Subdivision - specifically in front of 431 S Bay Hill Court. I am requesting someone come take a look, identify the leak, and please fix the issue. Thank you, Brittney Raderstorf

open #175709

Drainage or Runoff

202 S Rogers ST

Case Date:

The southwest corner of 4th and Rogers intersection has terrible drainage and creates a giant puddle that makes it impossible for pedestrians to cross without stepping into inches of pooled water. The harder it rains, the worse it gets. The giant puddle doesn't go away quickly, either. Please fix this sidewalk.

open #175981

Drainage or Runoff

Case Date:

I am having an issue with my front ditch flooding every time it rains. This picture was taken today (June 2nd, 2021) during the light rain we experienced throughout the day. When we receive heavy down pours or rain for multiple days the runoff storm water puts my mailbox post underwater. Which, over time, rots the post (I have recently had it replaced). When the front yard does flood the water travels across the road in a 30-40 foot wide swath, several inches deep. When dry, the culverts (under my driveway and the one going under the road) can be observed as 95-100% silted in and obstructed. I have noticed over the past couple of years where the city has had the utilities marked and the culvert marked going under the road. Other culverts in the Park RIdge neighborhood have been replaced or repaired except for the one in front of my residence. I would appreciate an update on when this issue will be addressed.

open #176251

Drainage or Runoff

1570 W Edinburgh BND

Case Date:

We have had a drainage issue here for 20 years and I have asked for help many times and no one will do anything to help us. Our grate is a poor design and gets clogged by yard debris from areas of the neighborhood and caused our area to flood. Tonight we were home to pull the grate to allow for water to recede and not go further into our garage to our house. Would someone please listen to us. We have reported this several times and also in person. We are afraid to be away from our home if there is a serious storm in the area.