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Parks & Playgrounds

Bloomington, Indiana

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During rain, the surrounding mud and grime around the skatepark at the new Switchyard park drains into the park itself since there is no finished edgings. I don't know what sort of timeline the construction crews have on getting to this, but I just wanted to point out how bad it gets. Some friends had to get wet and dirty in order to unclog one of the drains and get the water out from the park. We had to get our own brooms out to clean this up later on after it had dried. I understand it's cold season and there may not be anything to be done, but I feel like it needs pointed out. The skatepark itself is wonderful, but the work around it has been poorly taken care of. Pictures of the area that pools and how mud ends up draining into the park from two spots on the north side of the skatepark are in this shared album. https://photos.app.goo.gl/uXgmpwQefXXzfAV56 Thank you!

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Parks & Playgrounds

3800 S The Stands Dr, Bloomington, Indiana, 47401

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Drainage from the football field covers the path from Olcott Park to JCMS with water (even after days with no rain). The water turns to ice when the temperature drops. Dozens of school children and community members use the path daily. I’ve seen school children slip and fall hard on their way to school. In past years the path is not adequately able to be maintained to remove the ice...the ice gets so thick that a general maintenance crew would not be able to remove it once it has formed. This path is often skipped by snow removal efforts (not sure if it’s City or MCCSC). Please consider a way to redirect this flow before someone gets seriously hurt. Thank you.

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Parks & Playgrounds

Reverend Ernest D Butler Park

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This morning at Rev. Butler park the push button of the water fountain by the bathroom was stuck and water had been flowing for what had looked like a long time. I was able to unlodge the button but I'm worried that it could happen again.

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Parks & Playgrounds

3800-3898 N Old in-37, Bloomington, Indiana, 47408

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The Ferguson Dog Park has low lying areas in all three parts of it. It floods and there is standing water for days after a rain. Just needs a little dirt and some grass seed.

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708 E Crestline DR

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I’ve been using the trails mainly Clear Creek for several years. I’m a bike rider plus walking. The Clear Creek trail seems to be ignored a lot in the last year or so. In the past couple of weeks we have had strong winds, some trees have blown down. The trees were removed in a timely fashion but the small limbs and debris from t/he clean up was left untouched. One area north of That Road and just north of the water fountain gravel and dirt continues to wash out onto the trail but nothing is ever done to resolve the problem. Walking is not as bad as biking but biking can be a real hassle. The trail gets so bad sometimes that I go to Karst Farm even though it’s not as convenient. It seems a lot is being spent to develop the area south of Grimes and Clear Creek gets ignored. I see maintenance workers driving up and down the trail and they even sit and talk a lot but no one ever gets out of the vehicle to improve the trail when only a few minutes could make a big difference. Thanks for your time.