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Parks & Rec Programs

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I'd like to invite one of my friends to one of the classes: Utilizing Water in the Landscape, but there is no way to share the course description with him! Ordinarily I would cut and paste the description from a .pdf, but the format the Summer 2013 Program Guide is in doesn't let me do that. I'm not going to send him the whole thing --- that's way too much information. Please let me know if there is some way I can just cut and paste one of the course descriptions. Thanks for your help!

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Parks & Rec Programs

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Hi, there. Not sure who to send this to, so I'm hoping you can forward it on. First, I recently came across this idea of closing streets (temporarily) to allow kids to play. I think it would be amazing to see something like this in Bloomington. http://www.reading.gov.uk/residents/community-and-living/play-streets/ Secondly, I took my three year old to Touch a Truck this year. What a wonderful event! We had a blast. He has been every year of his life, but this was the first time I was able to go with him. I wanted to give my feedback about the amount of candy at the event. It seems like it was everywhere and several other moms I talked to were really upset about it (especially since a lot of it was hard candy or really chewy stuff that can be a choking hazard for very young children). I think the trucks are the main event and the kids are so excited to see them. Adding candy to the mix just complicates things unnecessarily. Personally, I was really surprised to see the giant colors of fruit drinks (which I assume were donated by Pepsi). It was SO hot outside. I had forgotten our water bottles and really would have loved a drink of cold water. Our kids don't drink fruit drinks, so we just waited until we left and got water bottles elsewhere. But I would hope that Parks & Rec is all about encouraging healthy bodies, right? Maybe Pepsi could bring some water next year. Thanks.

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Parks & Rec Programs

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Water fountain along Jackson Creek trail near the Sherwood Oaks park is not working.