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Water Utility Problems

2524 S Rogers ST

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My water meter is not on my property. It is located in the same hole as my neighbors who live at 2526 S Rogers. When the houses were constructed, the water meter was in their backyard. They remodeled adding a building and turning their yard into a driveway for the many vehicles they own. Their two Food Trucks, parked cars, food truck supplies and other items are in the location of the water meters. I have no access to their property. I have always wondered if my water read was correct. I live in a 900 sq ft home and am the only one living here. They have many many residents of their home, at least 6 or 7. At least7 or 8 vehicles use their driveway and park in the little yard they have left. I'm worried that where the meter is located may be making my meter read high. I would appreciate your investigation and a call with the results. I can't include a phoy As the meter is in their driveway.

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Water Utility Problems

3625 S Sowder SQ

Case Date:

My water pressure is very low. It has been for a few months, but it's much worse now.

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Water Utility Problems

Case Date:

I called to have my water turned off today, Sunday, because water from my toilet was flooding my house. When I called I was told it would be $170 to turn iff my water. I agreed because the water was flooding my floors. When someone came out it took about a half hour or more for the nice guy to find the meter. I told him it was in my neighbor's driveway. The guy checked with water company then said cars or trucks were covering the meter with no access. I am requesting the service charge be voided as I live on social security. I am also requesting that you move my water meter to my backyard instead of my neighbors driveway. At no charge to me because it was a mistake to combine my meter with my neighbors.