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Sidewalk Requests

147 N Arrowhead Ave, San Bernardino, CA 92408, USA

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At the corner of Valley Blvd and Cedar Ave, there is a landscaped area with a large sign that says City of Bloomington Welcome, with benches and a tribute to the high school class of 2020. The plants that were put there as part of the landscaping are DEAD OR DYING. There is garbage everywhere. There is a shopping cart filled with trash and filthy blankets. There is an ad for repossessed houses real cheap on metal stakes stuck into the landscaped area. Can you water the plants? Remove the garbage? Maintain it a little bit? It looks like an urban wasteland and is not a fitting tribute to the high school class that just graduated nor to the "City of Bloomington". It looks terrible. How hard is it to water and pick up the garbage twice a month? Also, along Cedar Avenue from there going, I guess, north toward the Fontana Courthouse on Arrowhead, visible along the entire way are usually mattresses, couches, refrigerators, today a poor little dead PUPPY in the middle of the road, GARBAGE everywhere, dead tumbleweeds on the sidewalks, broken baby strollers, automobile SEATS apparently removed from the interior of the car, blown tires for, apparently, big rig trucks. I dont know, the tires are so huge they look like truck tires. We see this detritus EVERY SINGLE DAY for months on end. How are you not aware of it? if you are employed to maintain the streets, maintain them. And please don't tell me it's not your jurisdiction. Just pass this on to whomever has jurisdiction over the aforementioned areas. People are trying to walk on these streets, especially in the early morning, trying to get some exercise. Should children have to grow accustomed to this kind of urban landscape, to think that this is the best it can be here? PLEASE WATER THE PLANTS that were put in the little landscape by the freeway. Or else take them out and give them away. Thank you.