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Water Utility Problems

2400-2440 E 3rd St, Bloomington, Indiana, 47401

Case Date:

Water is flowing down the sidewalk for no obvious reason on the north side of East Third just east of Clark St. It's near a maintenance hole cover (under which I can hear water running). No recent rain, and the snow all melted days ago.

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Water Quality

2349 S Zona CT

Case Date:

the drinking water coming out of our faucets has recently started tasting really bad, i tried putting it through a water filter and it is still undrinkable. ive lived in my home for 6 years and this is not a normal problem that we have. what could be causing this?

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Water Quality

2328 E Linden Hill DR

Case Date:

Our tap water has had a foul smell and taste for several days.

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Water Quality

232 E Vine Rd, Bloomington, IN 47404, USA

Case Date:

My water in my bathtub comes out with a rustic color. Not just when I first turn it on but it doesn't stop it's very dark I took samples and have taken pictures. My sink is not that way or the toilet water. I'm assuming it's a water main break but there has been nothing reported about it and it's not just been today. I'm just concerned of what would be in the water.

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Water Quality

225 E Varsity LN

Case Date:

Water smells and tastes like dirt. Going on week 2 of this issue.

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Water Quality

2205 E Autumn DR

Case Date:

After my refridgerator ice maker stopped working and the water dispenser slowed, I discovered that the water line to fridge was releasing water filled with what appear to be dirt particles. These were clogging the refridgerator water filter, causing the above-mentioned problems. Currently, this appears to be the only spigot with water quality issues, but it is still a concern.

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Water Quality

2200 Sudbury Dr Apt C7, Bloomington, IN 47403, USA

Case Date:

Water from the tap tastes like dirt and mold, even after Brita filtering. Hot water coming from the tap smells worse than cold water. Drinking this disgusting water is nauseating. Can more PAC be added to rid the water of MIB/geosmin? Water affects everything we do: drinking, cooking, making good coffee (seriously!). It’s more than an “aesthetic” issue and future reports should avoid minimizing what many experience as a true issue. Taste and odor of drinking water matter, too.

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Water Quality

2140 S Bent Tree DR

Case Date:

Water has smelled horrible and tasted awful since 9/10. Water sitting in our toilets smells. The taste is bad.

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Water Quality

2109 S Rogers ST

Case Date:

water smells/tastes like mold/dirt/fungus/rotting, no amount of filtration using home filter systems or boiling will get the smell out.

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Water Quality

2015 E Marilyn DR

Case Date:

For the past week, our water from the tap has tasted "fishy" and has an unpleasant odor. What is it? How long will it continue? Is there anything we can do to get rid of it or minimize it?