City of Bloomington, Indiana – John Hamilton, Mayor


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closed #171280

Water Utility Problems

1602 W 3rd ST

Case Date:

Low water pressure

closed #171287

Water Utility Problems

1911 S Locust CT

Case Date:

At 1903 S. Locust Court there is water running in the curb drain.

closed #171302

Water Utility Problems

2400-2440 E 3rd St, Bloomington, Indiana, 47401

Case Date:

Water is flowing down the sidewalk for no obvious reason on the north side of East Third just east of Clark St. It's near a maintenance hole cover (under which I can hear water running). No recent rain, and the snow all melted days ago.

closed #171369

Water Utility Problems

3415 S Ashwood DR

Case Date:

Watermain broken and leaking Ashwood Drive - water welling up out of ground at curb near 2300 S Ashwood Drive

closed #171496

Water Quality

4393 N Old State Road 37

Case Date:

The water is coming out of our tap milky white. It smells like wet gravel and dirt. It has been this way since 1/17

closed #171774

Website & Web Services Feedback

500-698 W Clover Ter, Bloomington, Indiana, 47404

Case Date:

Rusty looking water and boil order?

closed #171869

Water Utility Problems

439-481 N Rogers St, Bloomington, Indiana, 47404

Case Date:

No water Audubon dr Marlin Hills

closed #171930

Water Quality

320 W 8th ST

Case Date:

My water was brown when I came home from work yesterday afternoon. Was a water main flushed in the area? I live in Fritz Terrace.

closed #171950

Water Quality

3121 N Kinser PIKE

Case Date:

Water is brown

closed #171986

Water Quality

1014 E Wylie ST

Case Date:

Water coming out of taps BROWN.