City of Bloomington, Indiana – John Hamilton, Mayor


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Utilities Yardwork

612 S Bobcat BND

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Brand new owner, I was cutting grass with my riding lawn mower, the lawn mower blades made contact with the sewer/water metal plate damaging the cover. There is a hole on top of the metal plate that needs to be repaired. I put an orange cone to cover the hole. This hole is not big enough for a kid to fall but someone could get hurt and trip.

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Utilities Yardwork

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Last summer a pipe broke behind my trailer and it was a few days before the city could get it fixed. This ended up making my foundation fall, floors rot, and other water damage issues that are now coming to light. I have had a contractor come in and look. He states that it was due to the flooding the broken pipe caused that the city too so long to fix. I would like someone to contact me regarding this issue. I have more pictures.